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Microsoft Sings “You’re The Controller” While Fails To Convince Everyone

I wouldn’t say, I didn’t see it coming, Microsoft leaves another E3 with Xbox 360 fans wondering why there is lack of focus on hardcore ‘AAA’ titles by Microsoft. If you know the answer, enlighten us. Microsoft today during their E3 conference revealed a lot of games but most of the new titles apart from Halo 4 were either Kinect exclusive or were shown to work with Kinect.

I was amazed they didn’t show Cliff Blezenski playing Gears of War 3 using Kinect, may be next installment of the game would do that. Kinect works fine with casual titles like Dance Central 2 but not with big titles like Fable and Mass Effect 3. Their gameplay just doesn’t fit well with the “You’re The Controller” Kinect, it just doesn’t suit these titles.

Though, I must say, I was amazed by how good the Kinect Star Wars and Ryse demo was, but I would still be taking that with a pinch of salt. If you were watching the conference, you could clearly see the instances when the person presenting the demo was having difficulty playing the game. It’s rather simple, Microsoft shouldn’t stick Kinect on every other game coming to Xbox 360, make it casual games specific.

It’s simple, Kinect needs a lot of improvement before it can truly replace the controller. It’s Microsoft that is forcing all the developers to add Kinect support to games that would have done better without it, wasting lot of resources. Kinect exclusive titles are fine but don’t force third parties to add support which would not work out well anyway unless you are truly ready.

From what I can see, even with all these features, Kinect can’t replace the traditional controller when it comes to playing the games like Mass Effect 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Another Microsoft E3 press conference goes begging, showing lots of gimmick which we would have done a lot better without.