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Kinect Fun Labs Features Detailed – It Adds Interactivity and Fun

Kudo Sunoda, the creative director of Kinect, today at E3 revealed ‘official’ information regarding the Kinect Fun Labs. Though we knew about its existence for a while, thanks to leaks, we had little information regarding as to what features it offers and when it will be available.

Kinect Fun Labs is a sort of Kinect-oriented interface feature for the Xbox. It also offers a social-network system by using, and allows users to check out the best innovations for the Kinect NUI system that is being developed, and also gives you an overview of the latest Kinect gadgets. Fun Labs is a permanent addition to the Xbox Live.

We’re quite aware of how Xbox Live lets you create your avatars. However, choosing through loads and loads of different customization options can become tedious. This is where Fun Labs comes in. We know that Kinect has full body recognition, along with voice recognition.

However, what most didn’t know was that Kinect also recognizes your finer features when it needs to, such as hair, nose, mouth and clothes. Using Kinect, you can actually create an avatar that looks strikingly similar to yourself, and will even be wearing the same clothes as you! This is done by capturing your face and clothes, and the avatar is created within five seconds.

Additionally, Fun Labs also features something called ‘Object Capture’. This is a clever, fun feature that allows you to bring common objects virtually alive, and even gives you the ability to control them, all done via Kinect. It works similar to the avatar creation; select an object you wish to ‘bring alive’, and have its front and back captured, and within a few seconds its avatar will be displayed on-screen.

You can even control the avatar with your body movements. This does, in many ways, open up future possibilities of using arbitrary items in games, such as racing on a track with your own car, or playing in a shooter game as your own teddy bear.

However, Kinect Fun Labs isn’t only about avatars, as there is another cool feature called ‘Kinect Finger Tracking’. This feature enables Kinect to track your fingers exclusively, instead of your entire body. A good usage for this is in creating backgrounds and 3D styled images. You can draw on your own captured images in 3D, going over and behind separately captured images that have been put together, and also tilting and viewing it from different angles with your body movement.

In general, Kinect Fun Labs is an Xbox Live interactive feature which is great for the casual gamers and even for those looking to personalize and share their Xbox experience in a whole new way. What’s even better is that there is no waiting involved; Kinect Fun Labs is available to all Xbox Live users from today onwards. Time for me to go and renew my avatar!