Fable: The Journey For Kinect Uses Unreal Engine 3 Technology

Microsoft during their E3 press conference revealed another Fable title, The Journey which is poised to take the action adventure series to a whole new level by adding Kinect support for Xbox 360. Fable: The Journey will use the latest in Unreal Technology, The Unreal Engine 3 to deliver the most realistic of graphics you have ever seen in a Fable game.

In using the Unreal Engine with its excellent tools for crafting cinematic in-game experiences, it allows our developers to focus on the quality and uniqueness of ‘Fable: The Journey,’” said Peter Molyneux, creative director of Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios Europe. “Already we are seeing a more beautiful, vivid and unique world full of dramatic moments and have crafted new, never seen before gameplay experiences.

Epic, Isn’t it?