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Cliff Bleszinski Doesn’t Like Kinect Hate

Microsoft announced multiple titles for Kinect at E3 conference today. Cliff Bleszinski addresses those who feel that Kinect is incompetent in any regard specially inferior to Sony’s Playstaion Move. Here is what he has to say to Kinect Haters:

I just don’t understand, If there gamers out there that are weird about it, like, what’s the problem? If you don’t like it, don’t play it.

I had an interesting conversation where one of the PR people pulled me aside and was like, ‘It has come to our attention that you might not like Kinect.’ I’m like, does anybody read my Twitter feed? I went to the f***ing launch of it in New York. I love it.

This is so strange. It’s Move that I dog on all the time. I don’t want to hold the two goofy-looking aeroplane-coming-in things, right? Less plastic on my coffee table as far as I’m concerned is a good thing.

I’ve been asked about integration into Gears. If we had put it into Gears 3, considering the development time table, it would have been a tacked-on feature. If we were to get around to doing something Kinect-based, we would want to dedicate something to it and really knock it out the park and make it a Kinect game.

If you think that these statements are nothing but locality to Microsoft and it’s products or voices against Kinect deserve some spanking, do share with us in comments.