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Red Faction: Armageddon Weapons Guide

In Red Faction Armageddon if you want to survive you will need weapons and the game is littered with them.

Developers have added new weapons while keeping the old favorites intact making sure players have access to a diversified collection of weapons they can use in-game.

Nano Rifle
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Marauder
Description: Semi Automatic rifle that fires several nanites.
Uses: Destruction, Anti Personnel, Anti Vehicle

This semi automatic rifles created by the Maruaders fires nanites which dissolve anything they touch. Good for taking down towers.

Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: EDF
Description: Firing smart bullets, the Enforcer is a tracking assault rifle.
Uses: Anti Personnel

The Enforcer uses smart bullets to track down targets. It will be only available to you after playing Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Marauder
Description: Huge caliber twin pistols
Uses: Anti Vehicle, Anti-Personnel, Anti-Armor

Very effective weapon against heavy armor personal and light vehicles. You can clear the area crawling with them quite quickly using this weapon.

Mr Toots
Type of Item: Weapon

Lift up his tail to break unicorn-wind upon your foes, which will instantly melt your enemies with devastating rainbows. This is a special gift unlocked after the demo of the game was downloaded million times.

Pulse Grenade
Type of Item: Launcher
Origin: Marauder
Description: Semi-Automatic, Grenade Launcher, Long Range Energy-Based
Uses: Anti-Personnel, Area Denial

Charged energy ball fired with this weapon damaged all life forms in the area but cause no harm to structure.

Plasma Thrower
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction Militia
Description: Plasma-based, Experimental, Exponentially powerful
Uses: Demolitions, Heavy Assault

Designed specifically to fight against the odds in the depths of Mars after Armageddon. An experimental weapon that has become the favorite of the Darius Mason in his fight against aliens. It’s Plasma Arcs can level the field.

Laser Pistols
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction
Uses: Anti Personnel

High accuracy and sustained laser beam make them prone to overheating which otherwise are excellent weapons with high damage over time.

Charge launcher
Type of Item: Explosive
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Military weapon that fires remote charges.
Uses: Anti Personnel, Urban Renewal, Anti-Vehicle

Initially a Red Faction Charge Launcher, it has been upgraded for warfare and now has the ability to fire remote charges which are dead accurate to a long range.

Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Ultor
Description: Standard rapid fire semi automatic pistols
Uses: Anti Personnel

Perfect secondary weapons, originally used by Earth Defense Forces, now core weapon for Mars homeland security. They are light, accurate but can only take on single targets. Not high damage but they still do the job.

Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Standard pump action shotgun
Uses: Anti anything in front of you at the moment

Shotgun in Red Faction: Armageddon are old and outdated but still pack a significant punch at short-range.

XNG – 5000 Pre Order Exclusive
Type of Item: Launcher
Origin: Marauder
Description: Fires a nanite that’s sticky.
Uses: Anti Personnel, Destruction

The XNG-5000 fires a nanite charge that sticks to anything it hits, causing severe damage over time and dissolving any structures it attaches to.

Arc Welder
Type of Item: Electrical/Firearm
Origin: Red Faction Militia
Description: Capable of stun or kill, Heavy, Electrically charged, Practical, Tough
Uses: Quiet kills, Stun, Short-Medium Range Attack

An updated version of the original Arc Welder which has now become the prime weapon for militia. You can set it to ‘Stun’ and ‘Kill’ settings and get the best out of it.

Plasma Cannon
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Plasma-based, Chargeable, Powerful, Slightly Unwieldy
Uses: Demolitions, Heavy Assault, Anti-Armor

One bolt of plasma cutter can penetrate any object while unleashing destructive force creating several explosions on its path. The only drawback of the plasma cannon is the necessary charging time before it is fired.

Plasma Beam
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Plasma-based, Laser-like, Heavy
Uses: Heavy Assault, Anti-Armor

Focused laser beam of this weapon can cut through any armor it comes across.

Rail Driver
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: EDF
Uses: Anti Personnel

Rail driver super accelerates a depleted uranium slug to incredible velocities, making it not only amazingly accurate but also capable of penetrating almost any material to hit the being behind it. Also comes equipped with an X-Ray zoom scope.

Rocket Launcher
Type of Item: Rocketry
Origin: Ultor
Description: Meter-and-a-half in length, Heavy, Limited use, Unwieldy, Dangerous, Requires precision and care.
Uses: Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Armor, Heavy Armor
Major Personalities: Parker

Rocket Launcher is heavy, less accurate but devastating against all types of heavily armored vehicles you will encounter in Red Faction: Armageddon.

Assault Rifle
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Projectile-based, Triple-barrel, Standard issue
Uses: Patrols, Firefights, Assaults, Security

Red Faction based their standard-issue rifle on the blueprints of the EDF’s original Assault Rifle. It’s dependability, high rate of fire, and easy learning curve makes it a standard weapon for Red Faction.

Magnet Gun
Type of Item: Firearm
Origin: Darius Mason
Description: Twin-staged, Magnetic, Ad hoc construction
Uses: Salvage, Mining
Developed by Darius himself, this weapon unleash a magnet shot at first, second shot fired is an anchor, which would attract the magnet at high speed. A wall, piece of junk, or enemy could thus be flung across vast distances with little energy expenditure.

Singularity Cannon
Type of Item: Explosive/Firearm
Origin: Marauder
Description: Singularity creating, Fusion powered, Massively destructive
Uses: Destruction, Anti-Vehicle

Singularity Cannon combines the destruction of the Singularity Bomb with Ultor fusion research. Causing destruction on several meters and can destroy any vehicle it comes across.

Type of Item: Melee
Origin: Red Faction
Description: Powerful, Slightly Unwieldy, heavy damage
Uses: Salvage, Construction, Destruction, Silent Kills

It’s an upgraded version of the EDF sledgehammer. You can destroy even the heaviest armor with it and can use it to smash aliens in the caverns of Mars.

If you know any other interesting use of these weapons, share with us in comments. You can also check our Red Faction: Armageddon Nano Forge Abilities and Vehicles Guide.