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Call of Duty Elite Free and Possible Premium Features Detailed

Everyone is curious to know about the premium nature of Activision’s new social service in the form Call of Duty “Elite” which is said to be a whole new gaming experience for COD fans.

It has also been told that this gaming service won’t give any advantage to the premium subscribers over the freemium subscribers which means that everyone will still play on equal grounds in multiplayer of the game i.e same weapons and perks etc. Lets dissect the features (both free and premium) of the service.

Call of Duty Elite – Free Features

Elite will be accessible literally from anywhere as support for iOS and Android has been added. So players can use their smart phones or tablets to share or communicate with their friends through Elite. A detailed stat system has been integrated to the system where players will be able to examine tons of stats like kill/death ratio, score per minute and winning % etc along with easily understandable charts and infographics.

Furthermore, players will be able to monitor their match by match performance. The places where they got killed (how they got killed) and which time they got killed etc to find the loopholes or the improvements. It will also give an analysis about the best suited weapons in different conditions for the players by keeping track of all the kills they have got in different maps.

There will be option to create leader boards so that players can check the progress in a particular group of players to see who is improving and who is going down. This feature will surely help in team selection as the best needs to be selected for the big matches or competitions. Call of Duty: Black Ops will also support the service through an update.

Then there is the social element of the service. Players will have the option to record, share and upload the best gaming moments with their friends using the exclusive “theater mode” just like the one in Black Ops. Players will have the option to create social groups where they can interact and comment on anything they want.

Clan support has also been introduced int he game so that you can be identified as a separate team on the network. Facebook integration will help players to invite players from their Facebook profile which is a common feature these days in every social service.

Call of Duty Elite – Premium Features

Now what features of the service are exclusive for the premium subscribers? Activision being cautious on their part haven’t reveal any of the exclusive features yet. This is what they had to say for not revealing the premium features of the game:

The premium membership of Call of Duty Elite (which is completely optional) will set a new gold standard for what the multiplayer and community experience for a console game can be. Why are we not revealing all of the features that are part of the premium service today? Simple. Because the service was designed to be deeply integrated with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and will not be demonstrable until we are closer to the launch of the game.

Let’s just guess the features then. One main feature that should be premium is the ladders and the competitions that can be organized throughout the year at different scales. Then there might be limitations or extensions to the core features of the service etc. If you are interested to know more about “Elite”. Head to official website and subscribe for public beta test that will start later this summer.

These features will also be very helpful for newbies as there is a section dedicated to teaching players new skills and help them improve their game. Players can also compete with other players of their standard and experience by comparing the stats which will obviously make the matches more competitive and fun.

Overall, Call of Duty Elite does not take anything away regarding the multiplayer of the game but it will improve the gaming experience. Those who will subscribe will get something more that won’t give them any advantage over the non-subscribers. We are still eager to know about the premium features of the service that hopefully will be revealed with the passage of time.