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Top 10 VideoGame Villains of All Time

The relationship developed by a gamer with a certain game’s villain is a rather complex one.

It’s a love-hate relationship; you hate him/her simply because, well, they are villains and they have done bad things, and you love them because they are really badass and awesome.

I’ve played a lot of games, and I can think of a good amount of jaw-dropping villains that were either too clever to be liked or too immoral to be forgiven. Here is a list of the top 10 coolest video game villains of all time.

Bear in mind that I have not played all the games that have ever existed, so don’t go raging if a villain that you liked isn’t present in the list.

10. Bowser (Super Mario Bros. Series)

Bowser has some serious issues, and really needs counseling instead of the regular beating he gets from certain Italian guys. He’s captured Peach like a thousand times already, and he still doesn’t give up.

Well, our ever frowning, spiky shelled, breath mint needing turtle-dragon really needs to move on, but we know better than everybody – from experience – that he won’t. His stubbornness, along with his long reign as a master villain, gives him a spot in this top 10.

9. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)
Resident Evil Nemsis
Few villains have originated as many nightmares as Nemesis has. Not only is he ugly and grotesque, he is immensely powerful, and represents one of the most famous horror game series ever, Resident Evil.

Jill Valentine was surely hot, and Nemesis had a thing for her, but not the same way we do. From time to time he decided to attack her, and those were the ‘OMG’ and adrenaline moments of RE3. Kids get scared of the Boogyman in their closet, but STARS members fear that Nemesis might emerge out from under their bed.

8. Diablo (Diablo Series)
You know you’re up for something big, red, dragon-ish, and straight from hell when you have to slay a thousand or so monsters before encountering it. Diablo almost defined hell itself; heck, he might even be the most ideal replica of Satan ever created.

When you just celebrate your heroic success in slaying the Lord of Terror, your skin starts to crack and swell, demons start to emerge everywhere you walk, and before you know it, you are ripped from the insides only to become Diablo himself.

7. Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum)
Joker is, arguably, the greatest comic super-villain ever created. It was hard to imagine him getting the same fame when he appeared in games, but we were all surprised by the sheer awesomeness that the villain possessed in Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham Asylum was a great game, and more than sixty percent of its greatness was thanks to Joker.

How he cleverly evaded Batman’s fist of justice from time to time, how he attempted to conduct his evil plans of creating a monstrous Gotham City, and most of all, how he entertained every gamer with his hilarious dialogues throughout the game; all these things make him a legendary villain.

6. G-Man (Half-Life Series)
Half Life G-Man
Few villains are as illusive, as untouchable, and as mysterious as the G-Man. While his true motives are never really known, it is certain that they are evil, and evil that is indescribable is the type that really freaks one out.

Moreover, G-Man’s strange abilities, such as the power to appear wherever he wishes, or to stop time.

His powers combined with his strange dialogues and statements, makes him perhaps the most unknown and unexplained character of all time.

All the villains that are on this list are beatable, but the G-Man is untouchable.

And as it appears, the master of puppets in the Half-Life series, having an eerie grasp and subtle control over all that is happening.

5. Ganon/Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda Series)
Ganon is all kinds of evil mixed up into one, strange-looking thing, which has had forms such as pigs, humans, and who-knows-what.

Ganon’s desires, like many other villains, is to attain an ultimate weapon and lay waste to the world, and he has a good chance of doing so, since he has an immense command over sorcery, not to mention the fact that he has kidnapped Princess Zelda.

So many times has this evil menace been banished back to the Dark Realm, yet he has always returned, ever-strong and ever-keen to carry out his evil plans.

4. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid 1)
Psycho Mantis
Say hello to one of the most confusing, freaky and ingenious villains of all time. Psycho Mantis was not just a fantastic villain; he was a fantastically unique and original character, a kind never seen before, or after, in any game.

He’d posses Meryl and have her sexually insult you, he’d know everything regarding your Playstation Memory Card, he’d even make your TV screen go black; in simple words, he’d blow your mind. Attacking him with your primary controller was also useless, as he knew every move you made, hence forcing you to use the second controller.

Despite all the mental and physical stress he would cause you, the only thing you felt for him, in the end, would be sympathy and sorrow. Psycho Mantis, in every aspect, was an ideal villain.

3. Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Series)
Revolver Ocelot
Boy, Ocelot is one evasive fox; he’s eluded everyone, from Big Boss to Liquid to Solidus to Solid Snake himself. The first time we saw Ocelot; he adeptly wielded his famous revolver, and challenged Solid Snake to a gun duel.

From there on, Ocelot always seemed a step further from everyone else, progressing better than everyone to accomplish his mostly unknown motives. Even though his arm was chopped off by the awesome Cyborg Ninja, it never hampered his revolver-wielding abilities.

The only time, perhaps, that we saw Ocelot in his purer, less sophisticated form was in Metal Gear Solid 3. Even then he managed to keep his identity hidden, successfully carrying out his objectives without anyone ever knowing it.

2. GlaDOS (Portal Series)
GlaDOS redefines the art of being a villain. Starting off as a helpful AI guide, she becomes something absolutely terrible, malicious, and ultra hilarious.

Manipulation and control are her powers, and despite being very open when it comes to her opinion regarding you, she is ever-smart, ever-aware and ever-entertaining. Simply putting git, GlaDOS is Joker in a much more refined, metallic, female, and better form.

What makes her so special is that despite her being a rather easy boss, she is unforgettable and every moment spent interacting with her is an absolute delight.

1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
And finally, the most famous villain of all, is none other than Sephiroth. Set ablaze and enraged by the truth of his origin, Sephiroth’s only goal is destruction.

He desires the annihilation of the planet, destroys a village filled with innocent people, and even kills one of the most beloved characters in the game, Aeris. Sephiroth indeed, both physically and as a character, is the true definition of awesome evil.

Though he seems an unstoppable force throughout the entire game, he is finally defeated, and the final successful confrontation is only accompanied with satisfaction for defeating the most evil and unforgivable entity to have existed in a game.

What are your top 10 video game villains of all time ? name 5 in order if 10 is a bit much to remember.