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Duke Nukem Forever Characters Guide

Since Duke Nukem Forever is finally getting released, let’s have a look at some of the prominent characters you will come across in the game.

Duke Nukem Forever Babes

Few other games comprise of a world in which you’re a hero and a good load of chicks are just dying to pamper you.

In Duke Nukem Forever, as Duke you’ll have a good few gals who are there for your pleasure and excitement.

Here are few of the ‘Babes’ you will interact with, in more than just one manner, in Duke Nukem Forever.

Kitty Pousoix
Kitty Pousoix
Thanks to the large amount of dirty, blood stained floors and clothes, Duke required a maid, and that is exactly what he found in Kitty. Everyone’s favorite naughty maid hangs out in his penthouse and takes care of all the laundry and cleaning. Duke seems to have a nice taste in women.

Trudy Uprights
Trudy Uprights
Trudy is a southern belle who loves rough and extreme sports; and being how sporty and athletic she is, she seems to make Duke really happy and turned on.

Mary and Kate Holsom
Mary and Kate
Loosely based on real life people, Mary and Kate Holsom are the perfect impersonation of the Olsen twins. Unlike their real life counterparts, these girls like motor boating or whatever Duke desires. Dressed in ultra sleek school-girl uniform, these girls are a barrel of pleasure and fun.

Well, there are many more for you in the game to have fun with and go gaga at. So get ready as Duke Nukem Forever is just a week away.

Duke Nukem Forever Enemies

Duke Nukem Forever is littered with enemies, ranging from blood-hungry humanoids to dirty Pig Cops; time for them to get annihilated Duke-style! Here is a rundown of what you will expect in this over-the-top nostalgic shooter.

Pig Cops
Pig Cop
When the aliens re-invaded, they thought the best way to deal with the male populations was to mutate them into Pig Cops. These fiends are very easy to find but very hard to overcome. Unlike their predecessors, these cops don’t carry shotguns; instead they use their fists.

Assault Troopers
Another old enemy type from the older Duke Nukem games; these guys are pimped up with a jetpack and are equipped with laser-pistols to make Duke’s life a living hell.

Assault Enforcers
Unlike their former counterparts, these guys are the bread-and-butter of the alien invasion force. They are equipped with a machine gun, but at the same time also support rocket launchers. These intergalactic, Jurassic warriors are going to keep Duke busy for some time.

These ugly looking hovering monstrosities from Duke Nukem 3D are back and uglier than ever. They emanate a blast attack and also have the ability to tele-kinetically control objects and throw them in Duke`s face. Better watch out for these buggers.

Assault Commanders
Assault Commander
These beings are sophisticated, cyborg-styled humanoids that can fly. They hover like flies and shoot rockets through their anal (gross). Furthermore, they also have an alternate attack that includes fans to cut off any stragglers.

Battle Lords
These huge towering menaces from Duke Nukem 3d have be recreated and repurposed for only one reason: to eliminate Duke. They carry an energy machine gun that can make any resistance. You’ll find a hell lot of these, and they’ll keep you busy for a good while, as they are littered everywhere in the game.

Energy Leech
These guys are a brand new addition to Duke’s worries. They are worm-like creatures with more than a hundred eyes and have huge mouths to eat anything that can fit. They are mostly found in rivers so not only mind your step but be prepared for witnessing good chunks of yourselves being ripped off.

Cycloid Emperor
This Boss make a comeback from the Duke Nukem 3d.This isn’t the boss you knew; this is a walking talking tank, sporting twin rocks on both hands and a nasty charge attack. This boss’s only weakness is its one eye .This boss was shown in the demo showcased last year.

Alien Queen
Not much is know regarding this monstrosity; only that she is homage to the Alien Queen from the birth episode and has three boobs instead of four.

Alien Mothership
This is, as the name suggests, a huge ship from which the aliens invaded. It is a typical styled flying super alien vehicle. The ship is so massive the only way to defeat it is using mini guns.

So there you have it folks. Duke has got a lot of freezing, pounding and shrinking to do if he wants to see his babes once more. Let us know what you think and expect from the game’s characters by commenting below.