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Dead or Alive Dimensions Unlock Characters, Bosses, Stages

Playing Dead or Alive Dimensions ? know your unlocks. Learn how you can unlock all these characters, bosses and game stages in game.

How to Unlock Boss Characters

You will need to finish Chronicle mode first and then do the specified task to unlock the specific boss character.

Kasumi Alpha
Complete Tag Challenge 16.

Complete Tag Challenge 20.

Complete Tag Challenge 20. Select by holding L+X and Press A on Random.

Complete Mission 18 in Tag Challenge Mode

Complete Mission 17 in Tag Challenge Mode

Complete Mission 19 in Tag Challenge Mode

How to Unlock Character Menu Voices

You can unlock the character menu voices by playing through the single round of survival mode.

Character Menu Voice
Play and win one round of survival mode

How to Unlock the Metroid stage

In order to unlock the Metroid stage geo-thermal plant, you need to finish all of arcade mode.

Geo-Thermal Plant(Metroid Stage)
Finish all of Arcade mode.