XCOM – E3 Trailer Shows Unique Art and Outdated Graphics

XCOM, the game series that was originally created by Mircoprose and inspired enough people to have a cult following, is getting a reboot. The first time we heard news regarding the first person shooter game was last year, and after that 2k Marin remained quiet regarding the development of thereboot, until now.

The XCOM E3 2011 trailer reveals quite a few details regarding the game. Players will take on the role of an FBI agent tasked to identify and eliminate an unknown extraterrestrial threat in the United States.

While the graphics look a bit outdated, it’s the unique art that caught my eye. The original game was solid enough to earn a cult following and seeing the art concept, gameplay and the setting, the sequel won’t disappoint. About graphics, they have enough time to polish the graphics and raise the bar to today’s standards and they hopefully will do that.

Even if the graphics remain so, one can imagine the addictive gameplay as the selling point of the game. Let’s see how much more is revealed about the game and whether the developer comments on graphics.