Prey 2 E3 Bounty Trailer Shows All The Tools To Hunt!

We have seen little of Prey 2 since it’s announcement. If the excitement of the sequel to the award winning sci-fi first person shooter had declined after its announcement, the new E3 bounty trailer makes sure it doesn’t.

We already know, you will be playing as a bounty hunter in Prey 2 in an open world environment, delivering targets to the highest paid but we didn’t know till today, it can be that much fun to hunt down the targets.

We see an open world sci-fi environment, gadgets are norm, weapons are different species will be there, and we will be hunting down our targets regardless of which species they are from.

Targets can be wanted alive, or dead, so we would be making decisions appropriately. I for one, would enjoy delivering dead bodies of the baddies. They aren’t worth alive, but become souvenir when they die. Was that harsh ? OK – back to journalism, the game looks fantastic. Watch the re-assuring trailer.

If you want to catch up on Prey 2 after the original game and seem lost after watching this video, you can read our Prey 2 Preview.