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Metro: Last Light E3 Trailer Shows Crisp Graphics and Improved Gameplay

Metro 2033 was one of visually brilliant game of it’s time, a benchmark on PC. With its crisp visuals and unparalleled gameplay, it defined itself as one the best contenders for the game of the year title.

However, it couldn’t make it due to it’s flaws which developer has promised to resolve in the sequel to this promising franchise called Last Light. Ukrainian Developers 4A gave a brief glimpse what to expect from this post-apocalypse sequel during the pre – e3 presentation, which if you ask me is just stunning.

Picking up shortly after the events of the previous game the protagonist Arytom is now a full fledged member of the Rangers and has resisted Neo Nazi occupation so far.

The plot details are sketchy, though 4A confirm that they are ditching the narrative of the novels on which the game is based and moving it on to expanded world beyond Metro 2033.

Metro: Last Light will have improved gameplay mechanics especially streamlined objectives. Furthermore, enemy AI have seen a significant upgrade since the last time. The survival horror elements and the RPG will remain intact and will be further improved for the new game.

4A games said this will help in directing players to an ideal path. Interactions are also a new cool feature added. If the character is close to any object say a candle, he can interact with it. Even the crowd reactions to the Neo Nazi are breath taking. You can confirm it by watching the trailer below.

Another new improvement is the detailed environment destruction. If you choose to go guns blazing, you will be allowed to blow walls, ceiling and any cover standing in your way and your objective.

Armors of enemies are also in the mix of blowing apart so you can easily locate weaknesses. Metro 2033 fans will not be disappointed with this sequel as it has all the aspect of being a Great Action FPS.

With its increased development cycle, 4A games has assured that this will be much polished game compared to its predecessor. You can expect further sequels as 4A will utilize their infamous engine to bring a Eastern European Cyber Punk perspective which hasn’t seen much of light.

Metro 2033: Last Light will be made available next year on all 3 major platforms (PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3).