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EA Launches Origin, Challenges Steam

Electronic Arts has launched a new direct-to-consumer platform called Origin. Origin was launched yesterday, and allows gamers to purchase and download over 150 games to their PCs. This is, as it seems, a direct attempt to compete against Valve’s Steam.

For now, content on the site is limited to only the games from EA and its partners. However, EA added goods news that in the coming months they will make more games available for online purchase and download, including highly anticipated titles such as Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 12. Moreover, Origin will also be offered to mobile gamers, allowing them to play from their devices.

According to EA, it is a breakthrough download service that offers the very best from EA, and also has a social function, as players, using their EA accounts, can connect with their friends and see what games they are playing. This will also be available for the mobile gamers using Origin.

This move from EA, seeing from a market point of view, is a wise one, as 2010 statistics show that sales of physical game copies had reduced by 3 million units. Moreover, digital downloads accounted for over 43 percent of the revenue.

However, EA still has a long way to go before they can be leveled with Steam, as Valve’s online consumer platform has more than 1,100 titles available which even include EA games such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

This is another bright step in the company’s commendable tenure as one of the greatest gaming publishers and developers in history. More information regarding the exclusive content for EA’s titles will be available at during the company’s press conference at the E3 on Monday.