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Gears of War 3 Beta Weapons Guide

If you are looking to effectively use arsenal of weapons at your disposal in Gears of War 3, look no further.

Our Gears of War 3 Weapons Guide provides everything you would need to make the best out of weapons available in the game.

Boltok – Pistol

Boltok is a very powerful and a light weight magnum. It has a slow fire rate and a limited capacity of rounds but has high damage. It can be used single handedly and is one of the weapons which you can use while you have grabbed the enemy as a cover.


Use the shield as your cover while moving (It will greatly reduce your moving speed and will only allow to use pistols) or make it your cover. It will remain stationary until an enemy kicks it. You can also grab it from a Mauler after killing it.

Boomshot – Grenade Launcher

It is very slow in reloading and has limited ammunition on the belt. It can kill from a single shot if fired with accuracy and can damage the surroundings too. Don’t use it at the close range until you are very much sure because it can kill you as well.

Frag Grenade

These may not look like a grenade but they work in the same way. Their range and momentum is increased by swinging the chain a couple of times, the damage is very much dependent on the accuracy. These can also be used as a melee weapon and can stick to the enemies. They are very useful in blowing off the enemy cover.

Gnasher – Shotgun

It is very useful in close combats and small rooms due to its high damage. It has a limited 8 round capacity but sometimes the damage of each bullet is good enough to kill.

Gorgon – Pistol

You will mostly see the Gorgon pistol in the hands of Locust Kantus. Due to the dual magazine combination, it fires off two rounds at the same time and makes it a high caliber pistol. The Gorgon Pistol is very effective at close range but takes a lot of time to reload both of its magazines.

Hammer of Dawn

Hammer of Dawn fires a strong energy stream. Very powerful weapon which links up with a satellite and results in massive damage.

Hammer Burst – Assault Rifle

It is a semi-automatic assault rifle with high damage and good accuracy. It also has a zooming ability and can rapid fire with faster clicks but that result in a lot of recoil.

Ink Grenade

It’s the grenade which is mostly used by the Kantus. It acts like a flash and when exploded it blinds everybody in the range. It works the same way as frag grenade.

Lancer – Assault Rifle

It’s a very useful weapon provided by the COG military. It is fully automatic and can be used as a very powerful melee. The chain-saw like dagger can almost kill everybody with a single try. The gun has a good range and its melee is also used for making through rough areas.

Long Shot – Sniper Rifle

It can kill an enemy with a single shot due to its massive damaging bullets. It’s a bolt action sniper rifle and is mounted with a ranged scope which makes it very useful at distanced targets.


It is heavy artillery weapon so it slows down your speed. It’s pretty much bad and very difficult to kill from until you mount it because its aiming system only works then. The good part is, it is very effective and once you hit it at the right place it can take out multiple of enemies.


The Mulcher is pretty much like a heavy machine gun which makes it useless on hipfire. Mount the gun and you can raise hell from it. Excessive amount of useless fire will make it over-heat so burst-fire is recommended. Its cooling system is more effective when in the reloading mode.

Scorcher – Flame Thrower

Scorcher Flame fires a stream which pretty much burns your enemies. It is effective at close and mid-range but a perfect active reload can make it effective even further. It also has the ability to fire a stream which can blind your enemies so you can easily burn them!

Snub – Pistol

This is not the best pistol in the game. It has 12 rounds per mag and the capability of long zooming. It is semi-automatic and quite easy to use.

Torque Bow

The gun is similar to the grenade launchers and fires arrows which explode and stick when in contact with enemies. The arrows blow after sometime. It is an accurate weapon and is very useful when it comes to melee attacks.

Troika – Turret

The troika Turret is a mounted gun which is controlled by a locust that has a very strange ability on his helmet, it bounces the bullets which sounds fine but it also gives him the ability to fire accurately. If you can take out that locust then you can set the turret to fire at its own creators and your enemies!