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Empires & Allies – Real Time Strategy By Zynga

Zynga is bringing something new to the social networks. They are introducing the combat element along with the core strategy features in the form of “Empires & Allies”.

The game will be released today in 12 different languages. Empire and Allies also has a single player campaign just like the other strategy games released for gaming platforms. Lets have a look at some core features of the game.

Your empire is destroyed by some tyrant and you need to rebuild and rehabilitate the fallen kingdom. There are plenty of ways to that like building structures and gathering resources etc.

After establishing the empire, comes the battle. Players will have to build structures to strengthen both their defense and attack. More items will be unlocked progressively as the players will get more experience.

Players will also be able to use their friends’ support to fight against the baddies inside the game. Otherwise they can also choose to attack their competitive mates to prove their dominance and earn respect.

You will also have a personal military adviser named Scarlet who will continuously monitor your army and advise you on various points to fight against “The Raven” and his forces.

You can also act as a helping hand in building your friends’ empires which also will earn you some valuable points to expand your own kingdom.

The basic concept remains the same, that is, the hunt for the resources and then capitalize them to build a powerful empire, both strongly defended and aided with massive army.

It’s for the first time that Zynga has shifted towards the real time strategy with an advanced combat system. We will have to wait and see the response of millions of people out there.