Batman: Arkham City – Play Catwomen For Darker Experience

Batman: Arkham City is without doubt one of the most anticipated games this year. We’re expecting a lot of information regarding the game to be released in the upcoming E3 just a few days ahead from now, but Rocksteady Studios has been, like always, very generous in revealing some vital info regarding the gameplay and perhaps the story.

We know Arkham City will be featuring more than one main villain and many, many more characters in general. Of particular importance is of course Catwoman. We knew she’d be a featured character in the game; we also knew that Batman gets trapped in the city while trying to save her. But what we didn’t know, until now, is that she would be a playable character within the story mode of the upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum.

That’s right, Catwoman will be a fully playable character in Arkham City, and like with Batman, players will have the option of upgrading her attributes and skills such as armor and techniques. But developers are saying they are careful not to make it an experience resembling too close to that of playing as Batman, and so the way she combats, interacts with the environment and goes about causing mayhem will be completely different.

Of course the main difference will be the approach and objectivity of Catwoman’s presence in Arkham City. Batman may be morally restricted to do what is best for Gotham City and what is according to justice, but Catwoman has other plans. Catwoman will be using Batman and the chaos in the city for her own ends. This itself will vitally change the way players look at Arkham City when playing as Catwoman, bringing a whole new, darker experience.

Catwoman’s combat approach will be relatively stealthier than that of Batman, while her slyness and good agility will make her as effective as Batman while handling multiple enemies, even though it’ll be quite different. How she moves about from place to place will also be different as she doesn’t possess a sophisticated cloak like the one Batman has. Whether or not she’ll have anything similar to Detective Mode is unconfirmed. You can watch the trailer and see for yourself how she plays out in Batman: Arkham City.

On the other hand we can also expect to witness some flirtatious encounters with the Dark Knight and moves with sexiness written all over them. This will ensure that we aren’t too bored. Ask me personally and I’d say, it’s a great little addition to a game that is already looking quite impressive.

Batman: Arkham City will be available worldwide on October 21st, 2011.