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How Call Of Duty “Elite” Will Affect Multiplayer Of Call of Duty Franchise

Activision is bringing something new. If it’s not in the gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 then it surely will be in the form of all new multiplayer service called as “Call of Duty Elite”.

You know Facebook right? And if you are a gamer, you must also have heard about Steam and Games For Windows Live (GFWL). COD Elite is something along the same lines with a subscription model.

With ever growing interest in social networking around the globe, Activision has came up with the idea to provide their fans something exclusive for one of the biggest franchises in FPS history. What are the benefits of this deviation? Well, lets throw some light on it.

One of the prime objectives of Call of Duty Elite will be to provide a balanced gameplay by keeping track of all the activities of players. This will help to catch cheaters and hackers who try to malign the fair play by using unfair means. Hacking in Call of Duty series has been a one big issue specially on Playstation 3 but Beachhead Studios (the developers of Elite) claim to overcome this loop hole as security ensuring equal play is the top priority.

Other important element of Call of Duty Elite is the interactive gaming where players across the globe will join one platform to a load of things just like on a social network. Players will be able to record and share videos, create and join various groups and clans and there will be tracking system for all the stats updates. There will also be leagues and ladders where players will compete with each other for the noble prize.


The main interface of Elite is divided into 4 sections; Career, Connect, Compete and Improve. In Career tab, players will be able to view their overall stats and compare them with their teammates. Connect tab will be for matchmaking and other community elements like groups and clans.

In the Compete tab, players will find different prized competitions and challenges open to all the Elite players. The Improve section will be all about tips and tricks regarding each aspect of the game so that the newbies to the series don’t get pawned by the regular followers.

Will it be a free service? No it won’t. What are the privileges then and will they provide any edge to the subscribers over non-subscribers? No it won’t as stated by beachhead:

If you are worried about someone buying their way into Prestige or Activision selling people special weapons that they wouldn’t normally be able to earn through gameplay, don’t be – that’s not what Elite is about,” Dan Amrich, Activision

So all will be equal on the battlefield and enjoy the same basic elements but for the subscribers other features like the premium competitions etc will be exclusive. The subscription fee is told to be lesser than the related gaming services so that every one can enjoy this new Call of Duty world.

It has also been mentioned that the community feature will be included in Call of Duty: Black Ops via an update but that is yet to be confirmed. We are expecting a beta to be revealed of both Modern Warfare 3 and this new social platform this summer, which supposedly will change the Call of Duty online gaming experience.