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NGP To Be Possibly Named ‘PS Vita’

E3 2011 is just around the corner, and it is without doubt that Sony’s latest Playstation Portable, so far being called the NGP, will get star treatment and show. However, there have been strange rumors airing regarding the appellation of the portable console. According to some anonymous sources, the NGP will be renamed ‘PS Vita’ during the E3 2011 on 6th June.

While all of this could potentially look like a hoax and nothing-but-a-rumor thing, it should be reminded that before there was any official confirmation of the NGP, multiple rumors stated the system was going to be named ‘Veta’ or ‘Vita’. Sony could’ve stuck with the name since then, or this could be another one of those attempts which no-good online spoof-producers occasionally come up with.

If it does, however, turn up to be true, then I believe I won’t only one slightly disappointed. PS Vita sounds more like something that has to do with a medicine for people with night blindness, or perhaps one of those things you put in cooking oil for lowering cholesterol .

Nevertheless, I’m sure the name won’t trim the potential awesomeness of the hand-held console itself, though it would produce some laughs and weird expressions during the conference – if it isn’t a hoax. We’ll have to wait just one more week to really find out. For now, you can post your views regarding the name, and whether you think it fits or not.