Sony CEO Confused Why PSN Was Hacked

While Playstation Network and services are on track have been upgraded and are on track to be restored fully, Sony executives are still confused why would someone attack a service that is free.

Sony boss Howard Stringer has yet to figure out the reasoning in the attack that halted online multimedia service. Stringer stated Sony was confident the free service would have safe from hacking, but that assumption has cost the company.

Obviously our network security didn’t stop the attack and we’re trying to understand why, and we’ve made big strides in bolstering our security,” he said to Bloomberg. We have a network that gave people services free. It didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.

Sony Boss doesn’t believe he has any reason to blame himself, seeing the attack a complete new experience for everybody associated with Sony.

Insisting he “[doesn’t] think [he] could apologize for not knowing. It’s a whole new experience for everybody on this scale.

It’s a good reason to defend the free service like Playstation Network but since all other Sony services have been under fire for the past few weeks, it isn’t mature response. May be if Sony had taken notice of their old web technology long ago, they didn’t have to face $171 million in projected losses.