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FIFA 12 – Player Impact Engine Will Make it More Tactical

EA has revealed some new details about FIFA 12, specially about the much bragged the “Player Impact Engine”. What does it do? Cutting long things short, the feature will make the gameplay more realistic as the AI will keep track of each part of the body in contact to other players.

So the injuries will be more precise depending upon the nature of tackle a player receives. Sadly, the feature is restricted for Xbox 360 and PS3 only and PC players yet again will be getting a cruder version.

Players attributes and status will affect the gameplay e.g. Christiano Ronaldo will be more likely to break through the defense effectively as compared to other strikers. Defenders will be more cautious while dealing with skillful players in comparison to the average players. This new AI system will also make dribbling more tactical and precise.

The Career mode is expanded to meet the real world style and real time stories will be included. There is a new default camera angle and the matches will feel more like a real world broadcast with more lightening and rendering effects.

PS3 will support up to 7 players offline while on Xbox 360 4 players are supported. 22 players (11 vs 11) will be able to play FIFA 12 online at one time in a same match.