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Catherine (Game) Will Get The Devil Out of You!

Atlus, the game’s developer, describes Catherine as an action-adventure puzzle game, which it is, but it also features eroticism and devilish themes related to morality and fidelity.

The game’s design is unlike anything we have seen, all of the characters are interestingly designed in anime style, but even the user interface, start screen, load screen, and basically every menu is beautifully crafted in hard rock style with bursts of pink thrown in.

For anyone who is a graphics crazy, Catherine is going to blow you away. Not only are the menus gorgeous, but the in-game cell shading looks fantastic too. Plus, there are over 20 anime cutscenes to feast your eyes on throughout the game. Just based on our brief recent look at the game, Catherine appears to be almost as fun to watch as it is to play if you’re a sucker for that kind of thing.

The game Plot is about a man named Vincent, who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend Katherine with a super hot babe named Catherine, and after he does, he begins to have nightmares. Meanwhile, it appears that men who have been unfaithful have been turning up dead all around the area causing him stress on top of the anxiety he already feels about cheating on his girlfriend.

The game explores themes like fidelity and love and gives players a choice whether they want to go the route of chaos or law with their in-game decisions. All throughout the game, players are asked questions relating to the story, and their choices will affect a meter that unlocks new story modes and multiple endings.

Players will face these types of decisions not only before and after levels but in between them while talking to Vincent’s friends at the bar or responding to a text message from one of the K/Catherine’s.

Catherine comes in four difficulties, the easiest one being for those who want to enjoy the story and breeze through the puzzles, whereas the hardest difficulty will offer a tear-inducing challenge to puzzle game.

The game will also feature both competitive and cooperative multiplayer where you can either race your friends to the top of the staircase or try to get to the top together. Another interesting integration is the real-time morality meter.

Questions answered by the players for their own personal law vs. Chaos meter will show up online so people can see how others are answering similar questions.

Recent trailers and clips show how real life decision matters in plain of existence. Yes it`s still a game but many of choices we make in the game tell us really what kind of person we are In real life. Catherine will get the devil out of you, if you play the game. It will be released on 26th July 2011 for PS3 and 360.