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Zuckerberg: Facebook Transformed Games Business

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in a recent interview has praised the leading social games companies for their contribution in transforming the games industry.

Speaking at the EG8 forum in Paris on Wednesday, Mark said the games industry “has been completely transformed” because of social networks.

Social gaming has taken off from scratch, he said, and now the biggest companies in the gaming industry are social games companies.

While the social games have been hugely successful on the facebook, I don’t think by any means Zynga/PlayFish even when combined make the biggest games company of the World. For me, the above statement is rather vague, but again, this is CEO of Facebook, we are talking about.

May be he was just helping out Zynga, now valued at $7 billion going for their IPO. Some analysts think industry is in the middle of a bubble while big companies in the business continue to acquire the leading social games companies.

Will the social game companies continue to be profitable in the long run ? time will tell. Is Mark right about the biggest games companies to be social video game companies ? No.

What’s your take on it ?