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The Engineer Is Your Gadget Guy in Guild Wars 2

Arena Net has been revealing information regarding major classes of Guild Wars 2 in bits and pieces, and recently they spilled the beans on The Engineer class in Guild Wars 2.

We will be analyzing the Engineer profession today, which, in many games, is always the more unique and more preferred profession. The Engineer in Guild Wars 2 is your gadget guy who uses grenades, flamethrowers, stationary turrets et cetra to control space, set up defensive parameters and give vital technical and raw-power assistance to the teammates.

It may seem a little odd and maybe foolish seeing a fellow carrying a massive home-made flamethrower and raging into an otherwise classic battlefield as that of Guild Wars, but it definitely adds to the uniqueness and variety.

Seeing that more than 200 years have passed since the happenings of Guild Wars, it’s not overly surprising that characters have been integrated with modern-ish weaponry and gadgets.

Guild Wars 2 The Engineer

The Engineer isn’t the only profession that has the ability to use pistols; the Thief can also do similar. However, the Engineer has a little more firepower, with the sacrifice of stealth of course. The Engineer will be the only character in the game to use rifle-class weapons.

Additionally, the profession will also be able to use alchemical elixirs, mines and bombs. The Engineer will also be the only profession to have only one set of weapons, while carrying multiple kits, a set of relevant kits that work in a specific way.

There will be seven kits in total for the Engineer profession; the flamethrower kit, the elixir gun kit (the alchemical elixir causes random effects in battles), the med-pack kit (isn’t that a medic’s job?), the mine kit, the bomb kit, the grenade kit, and a tool kit.

Guild Wars 2 The Engineer

As mentioned before, the Engineer can also deploy turrets. There can be five different kinds of turrets that can be deployed; healing turrets, net turrets, flame turrets, rifle turrets, and thumper turrets.  The turrets will be used in a toggle-based system.

The key element that makes the Engineer a vital part of the team is how well the profession’s attributes can be used to pre-plan in the battlefield. Deploying turrets prematurely, setting up mine traps and healing teammates can really help in turning the tables, or allowing for total domination.

Variety is what makes this profession so special. Moreover, it is also the profession that best utilizes one’s own skills and abilities as a player. A skillful engineer will have a massive role to play in gaining success.

Guild Wars 2 The Engineer

So far, to me, the Engineer profession is looking the most interesting and perhaps the most powerful, simply because it has so much weaponry and gadgets to its disposal. That can only be confirmed however once the final profession is revealed.

As far as Guild Wars 2 itself is concerned, so far it has definitely made a good impression on me with its great visuals and some very interesting professions.