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Xbox 360 Will Soon Output Full 720p Image in 3D

Several sources suggest Microsoft is to announce Full Stereoscopic 3D support for Xbox 360 on E3 2011. Xbox 360 already supports a number of 3D titles but doesn’t really support the true stereoscopic 3D with inability to output 720p image.

Playstation 3 considerably uses the 3D tech and has had it since last year with host of compatible titles already released and few coming later this year.

An anonymous source tipped the reveal of full 3D support for Xbox 360 on E3 by saying:

The machine is not only very capable, it’s more capable than the PlayStation 3 of doing stereo. Source

Assuming you have an HDMI support Xbox 360.

The bottleneck is more on the graphical throughput for rendering out in stereo. E3 is coming up. Microsoft is going to have to go on stage to say something, aren’t they?