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Brink Free Play Guide

Brink Free Play can be played with real players or bots. The bots are pretty much fun to play with when you have no friend and no internet connection to play with your human friends. You can change the difficulty level of the bots to match your skills (Easy, Normal or Hard).

You can also control many of the Brink multiplayer server settings like the friendly-fire etc. There are total 8 Free Play Maps that can be played.

Join Rebels or Guards to play this team-based objective oriented multiplayer. One team will be assigned an objective to complete while the other team will be defending the same objective with a set time to do that.

If you are interacting with the objective (planting a bomb on it etc.) then over-time will charged. A map can have more than one objective so once you are done with the first one you’ll move to the second and so on.

Free Play Game Modes

There are two game-modes in Free Play.

The side with the best finishing time wins, more kills.

One team defends the objective while other needs to complete it in the set amount of time.

Free Play Game Types

There are 5 game-types which can be played in any of the Free Play Game Modes.

The name explains it – You will have to destroy a particular objective. It can be anything like a door, wall etc. You will have to plant a HE charge to blow up the objective and the soldier class can only do that. The bomb has to be planted and then defended for 40 seconds. The engineer class of the defensive side can only defuse the charge.

The offensive side will either have to hack a computer or crack into a safe. The operative class can only hack a computer. They will have to put a hacking box near the computer to do that, more operative class soldiers can do the hacking in less time. The procedure of the hacking can be paused so you can fight back and then continue with the same progress. The defensive side can use the engineers to prevent the hacking.

This is simple; the engineer class will have to repair an objective. More engineers will result in faster repairing. Like the operative class – the engineers can halt their work and continue later.

You will just have to escort a bot or a person. The best way to do this is to have a medic or an engineer to be in the range so they can easily repair/heal the objective. Your soldier must stay with the VIP for the VIP to move forward.

Carry an objective and deliver it to a location. All of the classes can carry the objective; if the one with it dies then the other team mate can carry it from the same spot. The enemies however can send it back to the main location too.

Brink Free Play Map Guide

You can find the detailed guide on each of the 8 maps available in Free Play Mode of the Brink through the link.