Sony Playstation Network Hack – Final Thoughts

Hackers did something to Sony that nobody could’ve imagined; they sneaked towards them without Sony even knowing, and pulled their pants down. While the embarrassment for Sony, not to mention the financial losses were rather large, the real problem is how badly the customers got affected by the PSN hack.

PSN was down for quite a while – we know it, you know it, everybody knows it. If it were just a maintenance issue, no one would’ve complained much, but it was something much larger than that, and sadly, we were kept in the dark for an unfair amount of time.

The outcomes of the exploitation of Sony’s primitive security systems has caused quite a bit of anxiety for many PSN users, with many lucky ones having to face more than just anxiety issues. The biggest issue on the table is of identity theft.

Some would term it as paranoia and other Sony-lovers as over-reaction, but only the ones who have been truly affected can understand that Sony, despite being the victim in this whole scenario, was caught sleeping, and because of that we as owners of Playstation 3 have to face dire situations.

More people than you think have had their identities stolen due to this entire hacking incident, and though many claim that it can be fixed by simply canceling the credit cards and getting new ones, it can’t. By the time folks had been informed by Sony that their information has been stolen, things had gotten quite out of control.

One particular unfortunate individual reported that by the time he learnt his information had been stolen, he had already lost $450. I am sure he wasn’t the only one. Till today, we have been taking everything with a grain of salt, supporting Sony to an extent we could, but now that everything is back to normal or is getting back, it’s time we analyze Sony’s handling of the issue.

Sony has, in its own way, tried to execute a ‘welcome back’ gesture by creating the ‘welcome back package’ to bring back the angry Playstation Network users. Welcome Back Package allows you to choose 2 out of 5 games for Playstation 3 and 2 of 4 for the PSP, accompanied by some movie rentals and goodies for Home. There can be questions raised regarding the titles they are giving away, but hey, who wouldn’t like 2 free games.

The real problem however, is that 2 games and some movie rentals won’t earn the precious time and in some unlucky cases; money, which people have had to spent or lose by getting their identity stolen. The matter is more serious than most would realize, particularly the ones who are unaffected and chanting the ‘we love you Sony’ psalm.

They should consider themselves lucky to not have had to go through the difficult situations that other not-so-lucky folks went through or are still going through.

It is true, as said before, that Sony was the victim, and it may even be harsh to flame them. What is even truer is that Sony was always a reliable and almost foolproof company, until this incident. Though the company’s reputation would exceed the events of the past few weeks in the eyes of some, in the eyes of the affected it brings nothing but disappointment and misery.

Believe me when I say that having your identity stolen can become even a life-long problem – it’s only the ones who have faced it that truly know what it’s like.

Sony may have also provided US customers with Identity Theft Protection, but United States isn’t the entire world, and the PSN hack victims are not all in the United States. Sony shouldn’t forget that.

We also know that Sony publicly apologized to the world – literally bowing, and saying sorry for what has been easily the greatest gaming network hack in history. But the apology was a touch too late, and it is not all that is being demanded.

We know it’s silly to expect Sony to come to our door-steps with bags of money and new credit cards, but what they can do is, somehow, totally convince the entire Playstation Network that this won’t happen again, and even if it does, it will not affect the customers even if it means Sony’s death.

There is no knowing how they would do it, or even if they would. I hold nothing against Sony otherwise. In fact, I do consider them, by far, the greatest console-makers and also one of the greatest electronic companies in the world.

It’s sad to see that so many people had to face problems just because they owned a Sony product. So at the end of the day, Sony can’t blame anyone but herself for all that mess up.