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Wii 2 Leaked Video – Fake or Real?

Nintendo has said almost nothing regarding the Wii 2 other than its 2012 release, which itself is rather vague release window. But, like always, rumors have spread around, including a possible leaked footage, with no sound, revealing the shape and illegible details of the controller and console. Nintendo, as always, has decided not to comment regarding the video.

The device, reportedly codenamed Project Café, will have a controller with a touch-screen in the middle. Ooh La La. Well, actually, looking at the controller again, it seems rather unoriginal in design, a bit of Gamecube, Playstation 3 and NGP mixed up. More casual observation would even raise doubts about the ergonomics as well.

While we’d like to believe we’ve seen leaked pictures of the Wii 2, there is doubt regarding the authenticity of this video. It could be bogus, or it could even be genuine. There have been occasions when pranksters have staged such console releases.

Personally, I always imagined a Nintendo boardroom to have sky-high ceilings with classy windows and a more sophisticated atmosphere. What is seen in the footage looks more like a lecture hall. Nevertheless, Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference is just around the corner (on June 7th, to be precise), so official details aren’t too far away. If this video does turn out to be the real deal, then you should get your hands used to holding uncomfortable things.