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Top 10 Games That We’d Like To See in 3D

Most people claim that 3D gaming is highly overrated. There is some truth in their statement, but owners of 3D TVs would agree that 3D gaming is the modern eye-candy marvel. Yeah, it can really strain the eyes, but it’s not like games in general don’t, right?

Well, that could be debated on later. For now, here’s a list of games that we would like to see in 3D. Bear in mind that some of these games have already been released, while others are yet to even get a fixed release date. Regardless, these titles, I feel, really need to be in stereoscopic 3D, since they simply define the glory of modern era graphics and technology. Here we go!

God of War 3

I know majority of you probably have already played the game, and nothing is new about it, but this is one game that every 3D TV owner, who also possesses a PlayStation 3 to accompany it, wishes were in 3d. Slaying the majestic gods and having fun with Aphrodite, beating the living crap out of the buffed Hercules – who wouldn’t want to not see all that in 3D.

God of War 3 has probably had the highest amount of demand to be in 3D, and it’s understandable in every way. Apart from the god slaying and sexy conversations with 18+ goddesses, there is some fantastic scenery, and the epicness can truly be catalyzed by the addition of 3d in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII

Who wouldn’t want to view the colorful and captivating world of Final Fantasy XIII in 3d. It may be true that perhaps no Final Fantasy could eclipse the epic Final Fantasy VI, but FFXIII is definitely one of the most lustrous looking RPG games in history. Awe-inspiring environments, fantastically designed vibrant characters and some really stylish battle moves really demand the game to be in 3D.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Revelations

Ezio Auditioire, like Altaire, might not have any adrenaline, or any guts at all, considering he doesn’t seem to feel a thing while performing his leaps of faith. I remember a love-hate emotion towards that move; jumping from roughly a hundred feet high always gave me the painful adrenaline rush – it was both addictive and scary.

Apart from the the suicidal-looking jumps, there was also the regular acrobatic running, cliff-hanger styled survival taking place in the burnished surroundings that consisted of Venice, Rome, Apennine Mountains, and many other naturally beautiful locations, not to mention the vast masses of unperturbed villagers that filled the cities.

All that would be amazing in 3D, though I would advise tying a rock against your stomach before you would attempt the leap of faith.

Bioshock Infinite

The floating city of Columbia and its eerie inhabitants would really make for a great 3D treat, if Bioshock Infinite is released in 3D. Elizabeth doing her magic stuff, Booker DeWitt traveling from one place to another on skylines, and of course the threatening encounters with ‘Him’; oh boy, I’m almost making myself sweat in a pleasant way just by thinking of how it would all look in 3D. Not recommended for people who have a phobia of heights though.

Gears of War 3

The previous two Gears of War games couldn’t make it to 3-D, but that doesn’t stop the possibility of 3-D Gears of War 3. There are tons of areas a person could think of that would’ve looked seriously cool in 3-D, such as the train ride in the final stage of Gears of War 1, and other regularly occurring elements in both games such as chainsaw-ing your opponents and the cool-looking sprint he does. Gears of War 3 should really come out in 3D – the title deserves that much.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 is definitely a feast for one’s eyes. With the vast variety of different locations and the engaging gunfights, this game is a real candidate for being in 3-D. If Nathan Drake could redo his adventures in 3-D, it would be a favor to all those 3-D TV owners. Once again, caution to those who are scared of heights (the initial hanging-from-a-train scenario, anyone?)

Red Dead Redemption

It was hard to believe any game could even challenge the GTA series for the title of best sandbox game around, until Red Dead Redemption was introduced to the gaming world. Easily one of the greatest games to get released last year, Red Dead Redemption surprised us all with its unexpected Wild West styled brilliance.

What’s more, the great visuals and the rusty, dirty and realistic environments were a real pleasure. We’d love to see this several ‘Game of the Year’ awards winner last year in full 3D action.

Mass Effect 3

Shepard’s galactic adventures would’ve looked absolutely mesmerizing had they been in 3D in the previous two Mass Effect games, but since they were not, we can pin our hopes on the third installment.

We’ll be seeing familiar locations, such as London, New York and familiar faces such as the Reapers and our former crew members, and with all that destruction and the starry explorations of outer-space in 3D, I can think of lots who would even moan with the visual pleasure.

Duke Nukem Forever

Oh yeah baby! That’s what I’m talking about! Even stereoscopic 3-D haters would like to imagine what Duke Nukem Forever would look like in 3D. Duke’s badass attitude, his pig-headed (literally) enemies and gigantic monsters that he can finish off with a beefy punch are all elements that would be so well enhanced by 3D.

Not to mention the pole dancing girls, and babes engaging in unorthodox relationships – I think I’ve said too much.

Dead Space 2

And finally, leaving the best for the last, Dead Space 2 will always be in the brave gamer’s wish-list of 3D compatible games. The creepy Necromorphs, the stunning QuickTime type events, the dark and ultra creepy atmosphere, and Isaac’s own personal girlfriend issues – Dead Space has all the horrendous yet awesome elements that would stand out in stereoscopic 3D.

I’ll just say that I would be in no way responsible if you were to get a heart attack from this would-be experience.

That sums it up. Of course, there are probably many other games in your mind that you may feel should be in this list. Feel free to share those with us by commenting below.