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L.A. Noire Outfits Guide – Unlock All Outfits

Outfits in L.A. Noire can be bought at various points throughout the story. Some of these outfits also impart special feature to the character.

L.A Noire Outfits – In Game

Golden Boy
This outfit is available once you are promoted to the Traffic Desk.

Beat Cop Uniform
This suite is available once Phelps joins LAPD as a beat cope.

Sword of Justice
This outfit is available after you have been promoted to the Traffic Desk.

L.A Noire – Bonus Outfits

The Sharpshooter
It enhances the aim with rifles and pistols. The pre-order pack comes with the Nickel Plated Pistol which is an alternative pistol model.

The Broderick
This suite will enhance your fight abilities and make you more resilient to the damage. The suit can be useful in capturing bad guys with combat abilities. The suit is a pre-order bonus from and It will be made available to download after the games release.

Button Man
This suit can be unlocked after completing the Badge Pursuit challenge. It allows players to carry extra ammo.

Chicago Lightning suit
The accuracy of guns like Thompson, Shotgun or the BAR. It can be accessed by only the members of the Rockstar Social Club.

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