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Jollywood is Tecmo’s First Facebook Game

Create fun and exciting getaway spots (Trees House ‘Tree’) for little forest animals of Jollywood in Tecmo’s hello to social games on Facebook. It is a simulation game for casual gamers in which you Plan, build and decorate your dream getaway, manage resources, complete more quests to unlock even more exciting features including new facilities, gadgets, and decorations.

It has everything a social games addict would want from a social game. Unlock, buy and build new facilities to attract other animal visitors to their tree; place and connect these facilities with gadgets that make it easy for your visitors to move about the tree freely.

You will coordinate with your loyal visitors to improve while paying good attention to angry visitors to keep everyone happy. As it’s a facebook game, so you won’t be playing alone. Infact invite your friends to join the party, get them to help you solve quests or do it together.

You can even organize expeditions with your friends to gather more supplies and so on. Build uniquely themed trees using your imagination and get your friends join the party.

Tecmo President Mr Kobayashi was rather excited when announcing the game, aiming to expand their reach to casual game fans.

We want to expand our footprint globally through social games, particularly into the casual gamers markets. The Singapore studio will be instrumental in this strategy.

Jollywood will be officially released on 18th May 2011 featuring in-game store producing revenue streams which has become the norm of social games.