Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 New Features Detailed

Konami has announced the sequel to the long running Pro Evolution Soccer franchise to be released this summer.

Whenever a sequel to a long running franchise is announced the first concern that is addressed more often is about the changes brought to the sequel from its predecessors.

So, lets have a bird’s eye view of what we are expecting this summer.

More Attacking options

One thing that has been preserved in almost all the games in PES series is the free style attacking football. Players always find free space either to dribble their way through the defenders or work their teammates for some sublime through balls.

PES 2012 is sticking to the same approach. Players will be able to perform dummies to send the defenders wrong way and then breakthrough for multiple attacking options.

Teammates will make runs to provide support in such a manner that they also make space for you so that you most of the times have two options, either beat the defenders by dribbling or pass the ball to the teammate who have made the run for it.

The choice obviously will depend on the situation and gameplay style. Some will like to dribble while others might prefer the teamwork. In PES 2012, teamwork will be more important than the individual skills.

The 360 passing system along with the manual controls will provide gamers with more options to plan their attacks. Mr. Seabass, the creative producer of the game has admitted the fact that they can’t let the passing be 100 percent realistic as it will limit the fun element of the game. I will reckon this a positive point as 100 percent realism does reduce the fun factor.

Defensive A.I will match the attacking gameplay

One big issue Pro Evolution Soccer’s gamplay has is the attacking gameplay sometimes makes defense system too weak to stop the attackers resulting in a number of easy goal. That won’t be the case this time as defense A.I has been tweaked to make it effective against attacks. If it isn’t, then looking at the attacking options we have in PES 2012, it will feel like an arcade game where players can score goals like a walk in the park.

PES 2011

If the the defense and attack system are equally matched then one important factor that comes into play is the physical strength of players. Defenders are usually more physical while strikers make use of their agility to get pass them. Mr. Seabass is quite confident that they have justified both the systems which should give us a much balanced gameplay.

Online Gameplay

This has been, I should say the weakest link in the series. Not much has been revealed about the online multiplayer of the game except for the point that it will feature a much detailed community interaction including various competitive modes and the community wars.

Hopefully, along with the expanded community options this time, the online gameplay experience will also be much smoother than the previous versions.

The gameplay engine has undergone changes to bring the best football experience ever but is still a theory for the time being. Hopefully we will get our hands on the demo soon to see this modified and much improved soccer game. Game will also feature new customization options, detailed tactics and better animations.

Another important question is that whether the game will be better than FIFA 12? it’s a different discussion and we will soon dig into that once we have more details on both the games. Make sure you check our detailed overview of FIFA 12 Features.