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Modern Warfare 3 Official Teaser Trailers Show World Under Siege

Today, Activision has released teaser trailers of Modern Warfare 3 officially confirming the game and locations which we will be visiting in the game. Modern Warfare 3 takes the players to England, Germany, France and United States.

This all comes in a rushed response to a Mega Leak by Kotaku which literally revealed everything about the game including full story spoilers.

It seems this footage was supposed to be revealed at E3 but due to the leak Activision had to rush it to avoid the damage done by the leak. Take a look and how the attack plays out in Modern Warfare 3 in the four location teaser trailers below.

Modern Warfare 3 Germany Teaser Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 England Teaser Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 France Teaser Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 America Under Siege Teaser Trailer