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Starhawk Screenshots, Gameplay, Story, and Multiplayer

Looking for new details on Starhawk ? you landed safely at the right place. Read On!

Starhawk is set in space in distant future, where two factions of human colony are fighting over ‘Rift Energy’. Rifters are the good guys in Starhawk, while The Outcast are mutated humans, the bad guys.


In singleplayer campaign players take control of Emmett Graves, a Rift miner who is effected by the continuous exposure to Rift energy found on the outer reaches of space and has become partially mutated with consciousness.

Starhawk - Mutated Humans

Graves has more trouble to take care as the Outcast leader, his own brother threatens for control. He must make a moral choice to take him down.


Large environments complementing the vehicular based gameplay will be featured in not only online matches but also story mode. Not much information has been revealed on how the game plays out but we are putting our faith in Lightbox Interactive to surprise us.

Starhawk Dev Diary – Gameplay Trailer

Starhawk will feature 32-player versus modes, Four player co-op for both online and offline for a horde (Gears of War) inspired game mode. Not only that, Split screen is also among the offerings to make it a true to its roots.


Starhawk will incorporate RTS elements in the game to make the multiplayer engaging and more fun. We will be bringing you more on Starhawk soon. For now, hold your horses, since the game is not coming before 2012.