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Ubisoft Cancels Some Un-announced Titles

It has been revealed in the annual financial report that some planned games have been canceled by Ubisoft. The report said:

Ubisoft has taken measures to adapt its structure to major changes in the industry by reorganising the roles and operations of its studios, which has resulted in the termination of certain projects.

The reason behind this step seems to stabilize the franchise.Furthermore Ubisoft CEO, “Yves Guillemot’ has hinted a big PC game supposed to be revealed in coming weeks probably at E3. He said:

In the coming days, we will officially announce an ambitious project on PC based on one of our top gamer franchises that will illustrate our capacity to take advantage of new business models.

We currently don’t have any information on the canceled titles. Lets just hope that the list doesn’t include an highly anticipated title. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Eurogamer