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Xbox Live Spring 2011 Dashboard Update Preview

Starting on May 19th Xbox Live will get a new Spring 2011 System update. In order to ensure quality the system update has been divided into 6 parts and will be released form May 19th to May 30th.

All previous versions of Xbox at 2.0.13145.0 will be updated to 2.0.13152.0. New stock firmware will be added in to the mix.
The most prominent addition to this update is the release of the PayPal support on the account, making it easier for gamers to extend the payment option and also bringing in new international markets.

This PayPal support is for all Xbox live members. At the same time Microsoft is also implement a new disc format which will be used in upcoming games. This format is called XGD3 disk format for games. and adds 1GB of usable disk space .

In order to combat piracy across the board, Microsoft will be employing anti-piracy 2.5 scheme adding new anti piracy features to all the upcoming new games. Spring 2011 update will also add multi-language voice commands for Kinect. (French and Spanish are confirmed)

Microsoft on the other hand have distance themselves from comment on this matter by saying ‘We have Nothing to Announce‘. But these leaked Leaked Info Documents For Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update by Joystiq say otherwise.

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