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How To Run Windows PC Games on Your MAC Using BootCamp

You can run Darkspore or any other game on your mac using Bootcamp. It lets you run Windows on your mac and almost at the peak performance unlike the emulators and virtual software which have a lot of visual delay. Your WINDOWS will also have full access to your hardware (wifi,usb,hdd, etc).

What You Need

  • 10GB disk space on a single partition
  • Mac OS X v10.5 or later
  • An Intel-Mac computer with a USB or built-in keyboard along with a built-in track pad or a USB mouse
  • Windows 7 (Requires Mac OS X v10.6), Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2 or greater)

Download BootCamp

  • BootCamp is included in Mac OS X v10.5 and later by default. You can also download it from here.
  • Make sure to double check whether you need 32 or 64 bit.

How to Install BootCamp

Back Up your important Data and make sure you have updated the firmware of your MAC. Now read this Apple Manual which includes detailed information on how you can install BootCamp on your MAC.

Make sure you read the installation manual properly and use Boot Camp Assistant (Applications/Utilities/). It lets you create another partition dedicated just for your Windows Installation without removing any of the MAC OS data.

How to Run BootCamp

You can simple run BootCamp to load your Windows on your MAC and if you want to run your MAC OS, Press and Hold ALT at start up.

Now you can install and run any PC Video Game on your MAC.