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Brink Character Customization Guide

One of the interesting features in Brink is that players can customize their characters in many ways. By many ways I mean one can customize a character in 102,247,681,536,000,000 different ways (mathematically calculated).

You have a clan and want your clan to look different and have a unique identity? Brink makes it easy for you as all the members can choose the same character customization which still can be different from all other (non clan) players.

Brink Character Customization Guide

Players have 11 options to customize the look and feel of their characters.

Customizable Attributes

This option allows you to choose your race along with the appearance of your face.

How will you sound while communicating with others.

Facial Tattoos & Scars
You can choose different Tattoos, scars and stitches for your character’s face.

Facial Hair
You can choose Beard, mustaches and sideburns for your character’s jaw.

Face Paint
You can use different patterns like camouflage, bandages and dirt to customize the face.

Hair & Head Gear
There are a number of hats and hair styles to choose from for your head.

Face Gear
You can also equip your face with masks, glasses and balaclavas.

Body Tattoo
Tattoos can be pasted to your character’s arm and chest.

Under shirts and tank tops which are present under the Jacket. Different colors can be used for the same shirt.

This option includes armor, coats and long-sleeve shirts.

You can use Cargo pants, shorts and other articles for your character’s lower body.

Brink – Body Types

The only factor that affects the players stats and the gameplay is the body type. One can choose from the following body types:

This body type will be unlocked when your reach level 7. Light weight body has best mobility. Players can only carry Light weapons as the primary and handguns as secondary weapons. The body type has got least damage absorbing capacity.

This body type is available by default. It has intermediate properties regarding the the agility and the weapons carrying ability. Players can use medium and light weapons as primary while Light guns and handguns as secondary weapons. This body type has the moderate damage capacity.

The body has the least agility but can take maximum damage. Players using this body will be able to use all sorts of weapons as primary while for the secondary weapons you can use Medium, Light and Handguns. The body can absorb maximum damage.