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Brink Challenges Guide

In Brink, you can take challenges to unlock new Brink Weapons and Attachments, Brink Abilities and new character unlocks. There are four types of challenges you can take in Brink: Be More Objective, Parkour This, Escort Duty, and Tower Defense.

Each challenge further divided into different levels of difficulty, you finish one difficulty level of the challenge and move onto the next. You can’t play the completed level of a specific challenge with the same character. If you feel like playing earlier challenge levels, you will have to create a new character.

Brink Challenges Guide

Guide to every type of challenge and tips to successfully complete these challenges.

Be More Objective Challenges Guide

Be More Objective asks you to complete several objectives in a specified order. Each of these objective require a different class to play. The first is Demolition with a Soldier’s HE Charge, the second is repairing with an Engineer, and third requires you to hack with an Operative. You will need to manually change your class in Solo matches since your bot allies will never complete the objectives themselves.

As you move up higher the amount of enemies will increase, starting from four to six. If you play with your friends, make sure each choose a different class of character. This way you can cover each other and use your class specific abilities to finish the objective easily.

Be More Objective will be a lot easier if you play with people who know their role and are at least Rank 3.

Parkour This Challenges Guide

Parkour This is a movement based challenge that doesn’t require you to get your hands dirty. Touch each of the targets scattered throughout the course to complete the challenge. As you proceed through the levels, time to complete the challenges decreases.

Simple and really easy way to complete all Parkour This challenges is to create a light body type character. Level it up to Level 7 and go! If you want to test yourself for more fun, create a heavy body type character and Well, Go for it.

Escort Duty Challenges Guide

As the name suggests, this challenge requires you to escort a maintenance bot to other side of the map. If you play solo, you are only restricted to the Engineer class. Make sure you have the Engineer Abilities unlocked before you go on and play it solo.

You don’t have to keep up with the bot all the times, go ahead and place mines and turrets to defend yourself and get them do the dirty work for you. While you do that make sure you capture and upgrade the enemy command post to increase your health pips.

It is recommended that you start these challenges once you are Rank 4 and have purchased medium turret and ability to place mines.

Tower Defense Challenges Guide

In Tower Defense you need to secure and protect the command post located in the center of the map. Now, again you will be playing as an Engineer if you opt to play Solo. Tower Defense will be a lot easier if you are Rank 3 or Rank 4 Engineer and have purchased Rank 3 or Rank 4 engineer skills.

Start off by setting up mines and turret on the catwalks to block your enemies. This way you will be able to control the command post and your enemies will become your easy targets.

Each wave will increase the number of troops that attack at once. Initial levels will see up to resistance members attacking now your controlled command post but at higher challenge levels up to six or more enemies will charge at once.

If they successfully steal the command post off you, you will be given 30 seconds to clear the area and retake the post. You need to protect the command post for a set amount time or you can kill the set number of enemies to complete the challenge.