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Sega Innovates Squad Based Shooters With Binary Domain

Sega is busy working on a squad-based shooter called Binary Domain, and they’ve assigned this task to their front-man Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of some of Sega’s most well known games, including the critically acclaimed Yakuza series.

It is still in an early development stage, but there have been a few screenshots, along with a trailer and some gameplay details that have been revealed.

Binary Domain is set in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2080. But instead of crowds of people walking on the streets, the grounds and lower levels of Tokyo have become a battlefield for special international peace-keeping squads constantly in struggle against an invading robot army.

The squad soon starts questioning their surroundings, motives and the choices they have made. Are the robots becoming more human, or is humanity declining to a more robotic life?

The core of Binary Domain is not just its story, but also its gameplay, which Sega is stating has been created in such a way as to give a completely new path to the shooter concept. The AI will be much more intelligent than any conventional shooter, and the key to survival will be coordinating with squad members.

The player will have the liberty to make his or her own choices regarding how the squad plays; although the rest of the members will be AI controlled, they will have a personality of their own, with high intelligence and recognition of surroundings and circumstances.

This will also allow, according to Sega, for more intense, dramatic battles full of tension, separating them from the experiences of other shooter games. Nagoshi has also hinted that the story will also be as sophisticated and deep as the gameplay itself.

Though most of it may not sound too new, Sega is promising that it will be a shooter experience unlike any other. We personally are hoping that the possible clichés that many think may exist in this game don’t. We are hoping even more that if there are clichés, they act as the base for something completely original and mind blowing.

There is still a lot of time left till the full release of the game, which is targeted in early 2012 for the Xbox360 and Playstation 3. We’ll release a full-fledged preview as soon as we get the chance. For now, watch the trailer below and share your thoughts.