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Conduit 2 Weapons and Perks Guide

Conduit 2 Weapons are divided into three categories which are: explosives, ballistic, and energy. You can further enhance these weapons by using the different perk upgrades that you can unlock either by playing the game and earning the XP. Following is the detailed guide on all the weapons and perks featured in Conduit 2.

Conduit 2 Weapons

All the weapons featured in Conduit 2 categorized by each type.

Conduit 2 Ballistic Weapons

SCAR: Primary
Automatic Assault Rifle, Semi-Automatic while in scope.
Alternative Mode: Scope

Shotgun, deadly at short range.
Alternative Mode: Precision Mode

USP45: Secondary
Accurate and stable German hand gun.
Alternative Mode: ADS

MP5KA4: Secondary
Sub-Machine Gun (9mm) Good for Close Combats.
Alternative Mode: ADS

HVS45: Secondary
Equipped with a laser sight and a scope. Very affective pistol
Alternative Mode: ADS

Hive Cannon: Primary(SP)
Hive Cannon fires explosive grenades.
Alternative Mode: Pheromone spore that causes all shots to hit whoever is stuck with it.

Phase Rifle: Primary
A sniper rifle with high quality ammunition and the ability to penetrate almost every object.
Alternative Mode: Penetration through walls

Widowmaker Turret: Primary (SP)
This can be mounted anywhere and it will start firing the enemy automatically. It also warns you when it has seen an enemy.

Conduit 2 Energy Weapons

Warp Pistol: Secondary
Warp Pistol fires semiautomatic ammunition which blasts after hitting the surface.

Deatomizer Mk4: Secondary (SP)
Semi-Automatic Weapon, the ammunition is bolts of plasma. It can also be used for an explosive blast though.
Alternative Mode: Fully Automatic Mode

Strike Rifle: Primary
Semi-Automatic Weapon, it fires the blasts of Drudge bio-mass it can be charged which will result in releasing a beam.
Alternative Mode: Scope

AEGIS Device: Primary
This is an interesting weapon. It generates a field which can stop the bullets, grenades, rockets which are fired towards the user. It also fires energy blasts.
Alternative Mode: None

AR-C Eclipse: Primary
It gets heated up if over used, it charges to fire.
Alternative Mode: ADS

Carbonizer Mk16: Primary
It fire beams and is a heavy energy weapon. It can also fire instantly but with less damage
Alternative Mode: Instantaneous fire

Dark Star: Primary (SP)
It fires bizarre energy that adheres it targets.
Alternative Mode: Black hole

Conduit 2 Explosive Weapons

TPC Launcher
TPC Launcher is an energy grenade launcher. It can be used in close rooms and small rooms as its effective radius is not very large
Alternative Mode: Proximity Grenade.

Shrieker: Primary
It fires guided bio-mass by holding the targeting beam on the target. It can be deactivated too.
Alternative Mode: Faster fire rate (deactivates targeting)

Smaw: Primary
Hedp Rocket Grenade
Alternative Mode: Scope

Conduit 2 Grenades

Frag Grenade
The famous hand grenade.

Radiation grenade
This sticks to almost everything and causes damage to nearby objects.

Flash Grenade
The famous flash grenades which blinds the enemies.

Conduit 2 Perks

All the perk upgrades featured in Conduit 2 that can upgrade/enhance your weapon.

Primary Perks/Upgrades

Weapons will take less time to charge.

Heavy Armor
You can restrain more damage but your movement speed is affected.

Explosive Focus
Explosives are more powerful and your immunity to blasts too.

Energy Focus
Energy Based Weapons have increased damage.

Reverse Damage
Radiation Grenades heal your friends but still affect the enemies. (Requires a medal)

Ammo Salvage
After killing an enemy you’ll be able to get a magazine of ammunition for every weapon along with a grenade.

Essence Salvage
After killing the enemy your health will immediately start to regenerate.

Widowmaker Specialization
The turrets start to shoot the targets automatically but you can still use it manually.

Phase Rifle Specialization
Increases Phase Rifle damage

Aegis Device Specialization
Projectiles will be blocked…even after the maximum mass has been collected.

You will not appear on the radar and the turrets will not fire at you!

You’ll be able to select two primary weapons

Secondary Upgrades/Perks A

Ammo Belt
Two Extra Magazines for each weapon (SP).

Weapon accuracy is improved while moving (SP).

Metal Legs
Unlimited Sprint (SP).

Headshots on you have less affect although your accuracy while moving is affected (requires a medal).

Bomb Bag
Extra grenade.

Secondary Upgrades/Perks B

Weapon switching and reloading is faster.

Base movement speed is increased (MP + Medals).

Field Medicine
You and people can revive each other much faster (MP + Medals).

Blinding Powder
Melee attacks stun the opponent (MP + Medals).

Your healing is much faster while crouched.

Secondary Upgrades/Perks C

Light Armor
You can take more damage (SP).

Improved Melee
Increases Melee range (SP).

Improved Explosives
The radius of blast weaponry is increased (SP).

Improved Ballistics Damage
The damage of ballistic category weapons is increased.

Energy Damage
The damage of energy category weapons is increased.

Phase Rifle Tuning
Targets are not warned while they are being face tuned (MP Only).

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