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Conduit 2 Multiplayer Guide

Conduit 2 multiplayer is pretty much the basic which has been followed in all the games. You earn the XP points as you progress. There is a hardcore mode which will have 8 players at the maximum whereas the normal mode has the limit of 12 players per lobby. You also get medals on different achievements which result in Experience points earn that can be used to unlock perks.

The story with the game modes is quite different. You don’t have the access to choose the game modes on your own, a new system is introduced. Two types of game modes are put together in “grab bags” and the game automatically grabs these two modes from the grab bag and put it on a random map.

The only game mode in single grab bag is the Free For All Mode while all other game modes are in the couple of two. You can also set your own customized equipment kits known as load outs. You are allowed to have 4 load outs. Each will have a secondary and a primary weapon.

Conduit 2 Multiplayer Maps

The multiplayer mode has a total of 12 maps from which few are the improved versions of the previous game.

  1. Lost City
  2. Precipice
  3. Agartha
  4. Whiteout
  5. Crash Site
  6. Serenity
  7. Dig Site
  8. Abyss
  9. Avalanche
  10. Pentagon Prime
  11. Sanctum Prime
  12. Streets Prime

Character Customization

You will get a different character for your each lead-out. You can customize it in almost every way. You can edit the head, shoulders, arms, chest, knees, and color. Most of these customizations will have to be unlocked by playing the single player and then buying them off the shop.

The only thing unlocked from the start is the Trust Soldier. Following are the characters available for you to choose or will be available once you unlock them.

  • Trust Soldier
  • Destroyer
  • Female Destroyer
  • Jade Warrior
  • Cyborg
  • Progenitor
  • Golden Destroyer (Limited Edition)

Local Co Op Spit Screen

Conduit 2 supports a 4 way split screen mode. 4 players can play at the same time on the same screen. The load outs are still the same 4 which are created by the player one. Each player can select from those 4.

The players can’t create their own load outs although to keep the game fair and square there is an option for everybody to choose the same equipment. There is another option through which you can put the weapons on different areas of the map so you can pick them up for more fun!

The health, speed, regeneration etc. can be customized. A Co-Op survival mode is also introduced which is known as the Horde Mode. You will have to survive the different enemy waves. The game gets harder as you progress and you get points for every enemy you kill.

Conduit 2 Multiplayer Game Modes

Invasion Mode
Invasion Mode is a game mode in Conduit 2 similar to the Firefight mode in the Halo series.

In this mode, players have limited lives to fight wave after wave of AI controlled enemies found in the Story Mode. Early waves feature weak enemies like the atlantean Fixers, drudge Tear-Mites, and Trust Soldiers equiped with conventional weapons; but as the game progresses, stronger enemies with more powerful armament begin to appear.

You can either play this mode alone or with friends up to 3. You can choose from the available three maps for these mode and embark on the journey of limitless fun.

Your objective is to survive and earn experience points as much as you can. You will be playing cooperatively with your friends but also competing with them as player with maximum score wins the match.

Enemies will drop points as they are killed as well as giving you Experience points to keep up with your friends. A coin container also appears randomly in the match, shooting it will release several coins. If a player gets killed by the enemies, another player can grab his/her coins.

In total, there are 5 rounds with 3 waves of enemies per round. After a number of enemies killed, an Ammo Cache will come down from the sky for players to refill all their weapons.


  1. Serenity
  2. Dig Site
  3. Avalanche


  • Fixers
  • Trust Soldiers
  • Tear-Mites
  • Drones
  • Skimmers
  • Advancers
  • Therm-Mites
  • Scarabs
  • Robot Wolfs
  • Trust Agents (Armor explodes after death)
  • Jade Warriors

Free-For-All is everyone for himself type of game mode featured in Conduit 2. Player with the most kills wins the match.

Game Types
Quick Match
Quick Match has a time limit of 10 minutes and a kill limit of 25.

Marathons are played for 20 minutes, double the time limit of a Quick Match. There is no limit on kills, kill as many enemies you can in the specified time to win the match.

Three Strikes
In Three Strikes, each player can only respawn 3 times. Once a player has died 3 times, they will spectate until the end of the match. The time limit is 5 minutes. The last standing player wins the match, if there are more than one players left, the player with most kills wins the match.

Last Man Standing
Players only have 8 lives in Last Man Standing. The match is 8 minutes long. The last standing player wins the match, if there are more than one players after the specified time, the player with most kills wins the match.

ASE Football
Objective is to hold onto the single ASE for as long as possible. The game ends when one player has had possession of the ASE for 99 minutes or 12 minutes have passed.

Bounty Hunter
In Bounty Hunter, you are given a single target to follow. If you manage to kill your target, you will earn 2 points. You are also being hunted.

If you kill the player trying to kill you, that will get you no points, but it will temporarily make you safe. Killing other players will result in losing a point. There is a 20 point limit, and the time limit is 10 minutes.

Don’t mind other players so much as in a normal game. Find your target and destroy them. Be careful for your hunter and try to make the kill quick. If you fail to kill the target quickly they may retaliate and prevent you from obtaining a point from them.

If you first see your target, simply walk past without causing suspicion, then immediately turn around and blast them in the head. The SPAS 12 is arguably the best weapon for the previous strategy.

Team Deathmatch
It is the most basic game rule of the team based game modes: Two teams, red and blue, fight for the highest amount of kills. The match can be won by either reaching the kill limit, or by having the most kills when the time ends.

Three pillars can be found in the match, Health – Speed – Damage, and can be captured by standing near them; these pilars grant power boosts for the members of team that captures them. Capturing and securing these can take some time but are not mandatory to win the match.

John Adams will announce events on the match and victory for the red team, while Andromeda will do it for the blue team.

VIP is a new multiplayer game mode featured in Conduit 2. VIP is a part of the team objective category. When playing with this rule, players must find and kill a particular player of the opposing team (the VIP) to earn points.

This player will be marked on the HUD with the objective mark and his/her distance will be visible no matter where in the map it is. This also applies to VIP teammates, making easier to locate them if separated.

After a VIP has been killed, other random team member will become one. Like other team based modes, three pillars can be found in the match and can be captured by standing near them; these pillars grant power boosts (Health, Speed, and Power) for the members of team that captures them. Capturing and securing these can take some time.

VIP players must be killed while they are in the “reviving” state to score a point, or at least, they must be prevented from being revived by someone else.

The HUD will feature 2 displays in addition of the standard ones:
One for showing the current VIPs killed of both teams. Unlike other point displays, this one increases your points when an enemy kills your team’s VIP. The team with the highest point in this display, is actually the team that is losing the match.

And one that shows the status of the three pilars with their symbols having either red, and blue colors indicating which team has captured them, or white if they have not been secured by neither of the teams.

John Adams will announce events on the match and victory for the red team, while Andromeda will do it for the blue team.

Conduit 2 Weapons and Perks Guide

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Subjected to further updates. Meanwhile if you any tips to share or suggestion, please feel free to comment.