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Portal 2 (PC) Cheats – Enable Dev Console

If you are experiencing difficulties in completing Portal 2, read our Portal 2 Walkthrough. If that doesn’t cut it, play with cheats, be invincible for extra fun.

How to enable Dev Console in Portal 2

  • Go the main menu.
  • Open the Options>Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Enable the developer’s console.

Now the dev console has been enabled, you can simply input the cheats by pressing the tilde key(~).

Portal 2 (PC) Cheats

Sv_cheats 1
This is used to enable the cheats. Cheat mode should be enabled for any cheat to work.

This command allows you to fly. You can even go through the buildings and objects without getting interfered.

The name explains it – INVINCIBILITY!

Thirdperson mode
Enable third person mode in Portal 2.

PC Split Screen Co Op
Follow the instructions in our Portal 2 PC Split Screen Guide.