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SSX Deadly Descent – What We Know So Far

‘Race it’, ‘trick it’, and ‘survive it’ is the basic concept behind the revival of SSX franchise.

The basic gameplay has been twisted with introduction of new elements to make it a much better game. The snowboard racing is there with added thrill factor increased many folds and with lots of crazy stuff to do.

Why the game is called Deadly Descent? actually tells the whole story. It’s about a team which is determined to slide down one of the most dangerous mountains of the world.

Of course, it’s not an easy task, since it’s Himalayas we are talking about. All the hardships and the practice needed to fulfill this dangerous task will be the part of the story.

The game will feature 17 regions across the world and 70 open mountains to show off your skills. One interesting feature in the game is the automated generation of mountains using map from Google earth.

The Wing Suite is one of the new additions in the game. You can jump high and then using the wing suite, you can land safely avoiding any serious damage. Another useful item introduced in this game is the ice axe which you can use at critical times like when falling from an edge after a long jump.

Each mountain will have different conditions and the items you purchase will help survive the drastic conditions of any particular track.

SSX Deadly Descent is not a total simulation hence tricks will enhance the fun factor. According to Todd Batty (Game’s director), “Tricks are going to play a big part in the game”. The survival comes first but the survival with style is something every player should opt for to enjoy the true essence of the game.

For the graphics, EA Canada are quite confident to deliver the fans the best experience ever. If the gameplay is good enough, graphics won’t matter much. The multiplayer will be there which most probably will highlight the racing aspect of the game.

Overall, the game looks solid, and may well become a must buy as new information and gameplay videos come in. Stay tuned for further updates.