Fallout: New Vegas – Honest Hearts And More Content Heading Your Way

It has been four months since the first DLC was released for well received Fallout New Vegas. Good news for New Vegas fans as  Bethesda have announced more content will be heading their way in the form of three successive DLC’s.

First to come is the DLC called “Honest Hearts”.  Honest Hearts is about your expedition to a new chaotic place named as “Utah’s Zion National Park”. Your caravan will be ambushed by some local tribal raiders and then your struggle will start against the bad guys. You will make some friends and some foes and the decisions you make will affect the overall outcome just like in the original story. The Honest Hearts is set to release on May 17th on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Next will be released in June and is called “Old World Blue”. The story in this DLC is about the pre war science research that has gone wrong and produced some awful results. You either need to stop it or join the research team to stop even a bigger threat (which is not known yet).

The final DLC ‘Lonesome Road’ is set to be released in July. In this expansion pack, you will be contacted by Ulysses. Remember him from the original story? he was the one who refused to deliver the platinum chip at the beginning of the story. He will satisfy your curiosity but before that a whole new adventure will be waiting for you.

If you enjoyed the first DLC, you will probably like these three too.