Top 20 Minecraft Mods – Minecraft Mod Guide

Color your Minecraft and extend the addictive gameplay experience by installing best of the community mods ever created for Minecraft. You can thank us later for compiling this list.

Top 20 Minecraft Mods – Minecraft Mod Guide

1. Repair my Items | Beta 1.4_01
This mod allows you to repair your items which you use in the game. Just put the tools into a furnace and they will be totally fixed in no time.

2. NovaSkin – Web based 3D Skin Editor
It has the following features:

  • You need a web based HTML5+javascript+canvas, no download/flash/java.
  • Just click and draw over a player skin.
  • You can zoom,rotate and move by pressing shift+mouse.
  • Show/Hide Grid and parts.
  • You can get your skin previewed by url.
  • Skins and parts can be imported from different websites.
  • The skin can be undo or saved as a png image.
  • It can be directly uploaded to ‘’.
  • You can also share the links.

3. Kaevator: Slopes for Minecraft
It allow the players to craft 12 new types of blocks in 15 different materials. You can make upside down stairs for decoration,corners and slopes for realistic rooftops and diagonal walls. The materials that can be changed are:
Brick/ gravel/ blockGold/ blockSteel/ obsidian/ blockDiamond/dirt/ stone/ sand/ snow/ grass/planks/ cobblestone/ glass/ sandstone/

4. Nuke/Miner/Firebomb/Napalm TNT Mod
It is compatible with the Beta 1.4_01 version of Minecraft. It requires the Mod Loader 1.4v2 so install the mod loader first and then this mod.
You can download the Mod Loader required for this mod from here:


Miner TNT:It has an increased blast radius then the TNT and drops 100% blocks as oppose to 30%.

Napalm:It creates mass destruction through the lava and makes a small lava pool.

Nuke TNT:It is only used for map destruction and does not spawn the blocks.

Fire Bomb:It sets everything on fire but has the same explosion like the TNT.

5. Mod: Add Working Pistons to Minecraft

It is compatible with version 1.5_01 of Minecraft. To make this mod work,first download the required files like ModLoaderand the Piston Mod. This mod adds fully function-able pistons to the game.They might seem simple but the possibilities are endless.Power the pistons using the red-stone to extend them.

By pressing right-click will change the direction of the piston that it is facing.Pistons can only push blocks in front of them and can push a maximum of 16 blocks at a time.

Piston can be used to make launchers and if gravel or sand is pushed upward, it will eventually fly into the air.You can also use them to block the flow of lava or water.

6. Mod: Add New Mobs to Minecraft with the Mo’ Creatures Mod

The mod is compatible with the 1.3_01 version of Minecraft. The one of the awesome features in Minecraft are the Mobs which lake variety but don’t worry as this mod will allow you to create you own Mobs and add it to the game.

More than 20 new mobs are added to Minecraft such as bears,bunnies, ogres, lions, sharks and more. You need to download the GUI API and Mo’ Creatures in order to install this mod.Once you download the files, just follow the simple procedure.

  1. Make a backup of the minecraft.jar file
  2. Open the minecraft.jar file with softwares like 7-zip or winrar
  3. Now copy all the files and folders from “\minecraft\” to the minecraft.jar file.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder and close the minecraft.jar
  5. Find the .minecraft\resources\ folder (where Minecraft is installed)and look inside the “\resources\”, just copy all its contents to the folder .minecraft\resources\.

7. Mod: Add a Working Pokemon Pokeball to Minecraft

This is compatible with the newest version of Minecraft, 1.4_01.
It’s really a fun mod to play with which adds the pokeball into the game that let the player catch,store and fight with any mobs in the game.Download the file and the Modloader to run the mod.

Follow the steps once the download is done:

  1. First open the Appdata folder which you can find by going to start and type in “%appdata%” in run menu.
  2. Navigate to minecraft/bin,drag drop all of the .class files + pokeball.png into. Minecraft.jar
  3. Start Minecraft.

8. Mod: Add Baby Animals to Minecraft

This is compatible with the 1.4_01 version of Minecraft.
It adds baby animal versions of the mobs that are friendly in the game and has the following features. By giving them wheat,you can tame baby animals. You can make the animals follow you by giving them seeds. They’ll stop following you if you right-click on the animals with an empty hand.

A tamed baby can be turned into an adult by giving it a birthday cake.
There is a small chance of hatching chicks from thrown eggs. Give them yucky cactus greens and they’ll go wild. Tame chickens can lay eggs every 5-10 minutes. You can use the Red-stone dust to fully restore the health of tamed animals.

If you give another cake to a tamed cow, sheep or pig, they become ‘pregnant’ and have a baby in 9, 5, or 4 full Minecraft Days. Tame pigs cannot be controlled but can be saddled.Use rightclick on them with a stick to ride or dismount.

You need to download the Modloader,AudioMod and the Baby Animals mod to install it. Follow the instructions below:

  1. First of all add spawnlist.class to Minecraft.jar and then add AudioMod to Minecraft.jar.
  2. Now drag the mod folder into the minecraft/resources folder and also drag the .png files from mob into the mob folder in minecraft.jar
  3. Drag the class files into minecraft.jar.

9. Mod: You Are the Creeper with this fun add on

This mod works with the newest version of ‘Minecraft, beta 1.4_01’.
It adds alot of fun into the game because the mod turns the player into a fully controllable,exploding Creeper.You can control,explode and fight etc.

To make this mod running just download the Modloader and ‘You are the Creeper mod’ and follow the instructions.

  1. Use winrar or 7-zip to open the minecraft.jar file and delete the META-INF folder.
  2. Copy all the files from the downloaded folder into minecraft.jar and enjoy.

10. Mod: Fly a Steamship with Steampunk Airship Mod

It’s compatible with the version of Minecraft i.e 1.3_01
This mod allows you to fly a steamship in the game. Download the Modloader and Steampunk Airship Mod and follow the following tutorial:

  1. Go to %appdata% and open it,look for minecraft/bin.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder in the jar and copy the files downloaded into the minecraft.jar
  3. You need to install the Steampunk Airship Mod in the following manner.
  4. Follow the procedure as mentioned above but use the files from the folder.
  5. Close Minecraft.jar, and open ‘Minecraft.exe’.
  6. Have fun!

11. Texture Mod: Use a Transparent Texture Pack to Find Hidden Treasures
It works with all version of ‘Minecraft, including 1.4_01’.
The Texture mod will make the ground transparent so that cave systems,dungeons,minerals and hidden chests are easier to find.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open up Minecraft,login and click on mods and texture packs.
  2. Now select “Open Texture Pack Folder”and move the folder into your Texture Pack folder.
  3. Just select in Minecraft and click Done.

12. Ellian’s Material Finder Mod
This mode displays another mini map in the game which particularly highlights the depths and locations of some specific types of ore. It defaults to Diamond and iron but can be further modified according to the needs.

13. Minecraft Mod: Full Control of Pigs with Pigmounts V2
It allows you to not only mount the pigs but also control them. You can make them jump,swim,run or anything else that you normally would do.Download the mode file and follow the steps:

  1. Go to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin and make a backup of ‘minecraft.jar’.
  2. Using winrar or 7-zip open the minecraft.jar and move the ro.class from the download folder into the ‘minecraft.jar’ file.
  3. Close minecraft.jar and start Minecraft.

14. Minecraft Mod: Boost Your Minecraft FPS On Older Computers with Optimine.
This program is compatible with all version of ‘Minecraft up to 1.3’.
People with older PC’s can gain up to 20+ fps easily by using this mod. Follow the instructions to install this mod:

  1. Navigate to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin.
  2. Open minecraft.jar using winrar. and delete the META-INF folder.
  3. Copy all the files from zip file into the jar file and overwrite.
  4. Close ‘minecraft.jar’ and run Minecraft.
  5. Enjoy the performance boost.

15. MessiahAndrw’s Renderer Wrapper Mod
This will let you run Minecraft in fully custom resolutions and enable a variety of 3D modes(using 3D glasses).
It has the following features:

  • Fully customizable 3d depthand anaglyph colours
  • NVidia 3D Vision support
  • Custom resolution/refresh rate
  • Cross-eyed 3D

16. Too Many Items Mod
This mod allows you to get anything you want in the game.

  1. Download TooManyItems mod and go to run then type %appdata%
  2. Go to minecraft.jar and delete META.INF folder
  3. Copy everything to minecraft.jar
  4. Close everything and play minecraft.

17. EasyBlock (V1.0)
It allows the addition of some new blocks in the game.In order to run this mod go through the following steps.

  1. Open .minecraft/bin and minecraft.jar with 7-Zip or winrar.
  2. Drag and drop all the .Class files into minecraft.jar.
  3. Delete the META-INF file and run minecraft!

18. Risugami’s Death Chest Mod
If you die accidentally in the game and loose all the valuable items that you find,it can be a serious problem. This mod actually drops the items in a chest to the place where you died and you can comeback to the place of death and grab those items from the chest.

19. Coros’ Move Plus Mod
By installing this mod,you will gain some super charged movement abilities in the game. If you are in trouble just double-tap any movement keys which will cause your avatar to dodge through air at high speed.

20. Mod: Add Wolf Functionality with the Wolves Extended Mod

This mod is compatible with ‘Minecraft 1.5_01 version’ of the game.
You can completely customize the wolf mobs in the game by breeding and clothing. Download the Modloader and Wolves Extended 1.1 mod and follow the tutorial.

  1. Open Minecraft.jar with a WinRar and copy the files from Modloader and the WolvesExtended folders into Minecraft.jar
  2. Close Minecraft.jar and play!

21. Overkill Minecraft Mod
This mod will double the items when you craft them like a torch would only give you 4 torches per coal but now it will give you 8.