The Witcher 2 Console Versions to be Announced at E3

It has been long standing rumor that The Witcher 2 will somehow make it’s way to the consoles. PS3 Site Polska has posted excerpts from the TV interview of CD Projekt’s Michael Kicinski confirming that the game will indeed make it’s way to consoles.

However, the console version will have to wait about three to four months before it will be released. First details on the console version of The Witcher 2 will be revealed during major game events like the Gamescom in Cologne or the E3 in Los Angeles.

Michal Kicinski of CD Project responded to the question about the console versions of The Witcher 2 as follows: “Yes, it is for us a completely new project, but of course we are already working on it you can assume that we told you during major events such as. E3 and the Gamescom be informed about this further.”

Translation is a bit off but you get the idea alright. So Console boys, are you excited about this ?