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You Will Be Able To Host Brink Dedicated Servers

Bethesda has released much needed information on what they have in store for PC players regarding dedicated server support in the latest Brink Dedicated Servers FAQ. If you are interested in running Brink server, you don’t want to miss the information that follows.

PC gamers will have access to Brink Standalone Dedicated Server which will allow them to run multiplayer servers on their machine. As the server is standalone, it won’t require you to install the full version of the Brink and comes completely free.

Standalone Dedicated Server utility will be available for download via Steam prior to release. You can get the server files from the Tools tab in your Steam client.

You can run multiple instances of the server at one machine using different ports with pre-configured bat files. You can also set your own custom ports.

You can customize almost anything using Brink Dedicated Server Config files covering all the regular game modes, stopwatch, objective and co-op challenges.

In addition, there will be variety of server-side commands available to you that will allow you to further customize your server, including team sizes, time limits and overtime, warm-up rules, friendly fire, voice chat, availability of Command Post buffs, rank restrictions, number of bots and set server password for private matches.

One of things I am looking forward to is the availability of server files to the general public rather then opting for exclusive server providers. You can host your own server on your machine but if you still want to buy the server from the game server provider, you can do just that. Game server providers will also have access to server files prior to game release and will be able to get Brink servers up for their customers.

Everyone happy now ?