Phishing Scam Hits Xbox Live – Microsoft Sends Early Warning

Seems like Sony isn’t the only one with problems as Microsoft issues an early warning ‘Service Alert’ to Xbox Live gamers fpr ‘Potential Phishing Attempts’ while playing Modern Warfare 2.

Microsoft didn’t comment on specific details of how the gamers are being targeted by the said phishing except that they were coming by the way of title-specific messaging in Modern Warfare 2.

Earlier this week, a rumor spread through the internet that Microsoft has had unbanned all the banned Xbox 360 consoles since people were able to play online with their banned consoles.

This rumor first appeared on the360gamers and xbox-scene and then quickly spread throughout the internet. Though, Xbox LIVE director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse denied the possibility of said events.

Responding via Twitter he said: “Banned machines are still banned“. when asked to comment on what really happened, he replied: “Nothing other than I heard the rumor, made sure machines were still banned, that’s it.”

This whole situation may not sound severe since it involves only one game, but it can be the beginning of the worse. Two security issues in a single week is something to think about.