Max Payne 3 Gameplay, Graphics and Story

It has been a decade since first Max Payne game was released by Rockstar and 8 years since Max Payne 2. When a sequel to a highly proclaimed series takes this much time, we can expect something special and by looking at the details we have so far, Max Payne 3 may well be one of the best cinematic shooting games we have ever seen.


So far we know that the cover system in Max Payne 3 will allow players to pop out and shoot like many other shooting games these days. Max will be able to carry three guns and will be able to dual wield two similar weapons.

There is no automatic health regeneration so one will have to collect health pills and medic kits to restore the health. Natural Motion’s Euphoria character behavior system and Bullet Time are combined to produce much better shoot dodge moves.

The character will respond to the objects that comes his way adding better cinematic effects. Furthermore Bullet-time sequences will sometimes be automatically triggered at key moments during missions.


Max is no longer an agent and is working with a private security agency in Sao Paulo. Although he is much older now and has transformed in to a drunk, he still is effective when it comes to kicking some ass. Why Max have changed into a drunken junkie from a sharp agent is what Max Payne 3’s story is all about.

How he ended up in protecting some royal families while he was dealing with notorious and dangerous foes? All the answers will be revealed with the story progression. Do Max have any new objectives in the sequel? If yes then what are they? Answers to these questions are yet to be revealed.

Hopefully the suspense factor will be there as it was in the original games and he will be more than just a private security guard.


Today with all the current technology we have and the images that have been revealed so far, Max Payne 3 is all set to deliver some stunning visuals and effects. It’s Rockstar after all and they are fully obsessive to make this game a cinematic thriller.

Euphoria physics, particle effects and object rendering has been taken to the new level to make a detailed engaging environment. Agent Max was good but this new cynical Max looks awesome and reminds me of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell series.

Max Payne 3 was supposed to be released back in 2009 but it kept on facing delays and finally, it is expected to be released somewhere in Q2 this year.