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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – Preview

The renowned movie series Pirate of the Caribbean is getting the ‘LEGO treatment’. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is due for release in May 2011 on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, 3DS, and PSP. Phew! It’s quite valid that the developers are generous in choosing every platform.

The release actually coincides with the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger’s Land, and will be cramming all four of the POC movies into its story. That may or may not be a good thing, but what it will definitely do is tell the otherwise overly convoluted story in a much simpler and graspable manner.

The basics of the game have been taken from the previous LEGO games – which means the mechanics and gameplay don’t change too much. The regular whopping of your surroundings, solving puzzles by coordinating with different characters, and engaging in violence-free sword fights. That also means you get to see the traditional slapstick humor which fit oh-so-perfectly with the cute and aesthetic characters.

Speaking of characters, the design of each of the 70 or so characters has been done in a very precise and applaudable manner. Each character looks well crafted, keeping in mind the boundaries of LEGO resemblance that the developers had to work with. Of particular importance, and unique design, is Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

Jack Sparrow

The LEGO Jack Sparrow uncannily resembles the movie version acted by Johnny Depp, and tiny details have been interposed in this otherwise simple looking antic-styled character. For example, the way Jack Sparrow runs with his legs in front of him, and his shoulders abnormally slanting away from his body, along with his flamboyant and often exaggerated sword twirls, all of it has been incorporated into the LEGO model.

The developers have done a great job with the rest of the visuals. The surroundings look great with their dark-stoned walls, trees swaying around in the breeze and the voluptuous waterfalls that decorate the LEGO world. If you play as one of the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, you can see their cute LEGO skeletons when they walk into moonlight patches.

Though you’ll be spending most of your time solving clever puzzles and performing non-combat activities, the game has plenty of character-specific weapons and items such as grappling hooks, signature swords, guns, and other tiny items, such as Jack Sparrow’s own famous compass.

LEGO Pirates

When you will be fighting, you won’t do it in a way that is anywhere near similar to the style we are used to in modern times. In fact, the combat isn’t even similar to the previous LEGO games. The plastic-sword fights seem fun and can at times become humorously dramatic. The mainstream enemies can be overpowered easily, but the more intense one-on-one battles can last for quite a bit, as you constantly have to chase your opponent down.

The game will mostly combine the more important events of the movies, including the upcoming 4th one, to create the entire gameplay. Though it will be with quite a bit of snipping and trimming, and the obvious addition of lots and lots of puzzles.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is LEGO’s take on the dark Caribbean pirates with movie eccentric characters, along with beautifully designed environment. It should be a real treat for kids and grownups looking for some light-hearted entertainment.